FREE LINE 03 - Page 53

In Search of Monster Carp
side-strain on. It felt quite a decent
fish, and all of a sudden I turned it,
and it came back in front of me. Steve
had seen which fish it was and said,
“That’s a 40,” so I had knees of jelly.
Up it came up to the surface gulping,
just out of netting range, so it was a
worrying time, but I managed to get it
nearer, and Steve netted it first time.
Looking at it in the net I turned round
to Steve and said, “That’s Uno.” It has
been 40 in the past, but it turned out
to be 38lb 12oz. We got it out, and
quite a few people came round – Phil,
Jossy a few other mates, and Graham
was there. Graham did a bit of video
for me, and I was over the moon –
what an end to a season. I noticed
that there was one strange thing
when I unhooked it; the hook was
slightly bent out of shape, which got
me thinking. A few other people were
using different hooks; Phil was using
an Incisor from Gardner, which is
quite a strong hook, and I was using a
bit of a lighter weight hook with a
Teflon coat. Anyway, we had a bit of a
pizza party that night!
So, on to the next season, and I’m
going to talk about the draw, which
was a disaster for me; I am no good
with draws. Tom and I came down,
and it was a very exciting day; it was
really good to see everyone again. I
came 35th out of the draw, so my holiday was cancelled. Tom was gutted,
but we saw a few fish, which was
nice. We actually saw the Parrot feeding on a spot because they had done
a feature here, and they had been
priming a spot. We actually saw quite
a few fish on that spot.
I rescheduled my holiday for the
3rd June, and I got down really early,
about 3.30am, just before it was getting light so I could have a good scout
around see if anything was jumping. I
found a few fish in Scooter, and the
guy in Scooter was actually still
asleep, but it turned out he was going
the following day. The only fish I saw
that morning were in Scooter, so I
went down and had a chat with Mick
the Greek who was fishing Ski Slope
at the time. I had a brew and opted for
the swim in the entrance to Church
Bay. I went in there for a night with
the intention of moving to Scooter the
following morning. The guy in Scooter
(Top) 44lb 8oz.
(Left) Josey with Blacktail.


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