FREE LINE 03 - Page 54

In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Fish fizzing in Ski Slope.
(Below) Hazel 31lb 10oz. 23-9-07.
packed away, and I was round there
like a shot, got in there, and found an
area about 40yds out, which is like a
channel of clear hard lakebed. You hit
a weedbed with your marker, pull out
of the weedbed, it goes clear for probably about 5ft, and then bangs up
solid against weed again. When I put
the marker up, that’s roughly the area
where the fish were showing. I spoke
to John who was in Spindly Tree at
the time, and when I got the marker
up, I went to his swim, and he said
that was where fish had been showing too.
I proceeded to spod the usual mix
out there, but nothing showed that
day. I had two baits either side of the
marker, which I have emphasised
before is a new thing that we’re
doing, just trying to keep the baited
area with the baits. Admittedly one of
the rigs was off the baited area, but it
was in that zone because I believe
certain fish hang back and feed round
the edges. The first fish came on the
4th June, when I happened to be sitting on the Pontoon. I hadn’t seen any
bubbling or anything, but it just rattled off, and I bent into a fish. The
weed wasn’t up to its full height yet,
but later on in the year the weed
growing up to the surface; you could
have walked on it. It did try and weed
me up though, diving down close in,
but I managed to get it up again.
Keith came round, netted it for me, but
I didn’t recognise the fish; it was a
very big two-tone fish. I got it out, a
beautiful looking fish, very clean, and
it turned out to be Rodger the Dodger
at 37lb 10oz. With the photos done I
put it back, and just as I was walking
out my rod to clip it up with the spod,
which is another thing I do so I can
get it back out there without a
marker, my other rod rattled off. This
one turned out to be a fish I have had
before, Buzzer, at 29lb 12oz.
I put that one back, got the rods
back out there again, having walked
them out to the spods. The next day
around about 3pm Mick the Greek
was with me, along with Sam, sitting
there drinking me dry of my tea. I
think they were just trying to get me
to move out to get more water so they
could come in, but it didn’t work.
While they were both sitting there
laughing and joking one of my rods
ripped off again. It turned out to be
Atlas at 29lb 12oz, and Mick did some


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