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In Search of Monster Carp
Me and Tom with Droopy.
pukka photos. I was really ecstatic
with those three fish. I went home on
the 6th June, and Mick moved in after
me and had a few fish himself, so nice
one for that. He tends to do that quite
a bit with me – I had to get that one in
Mick, sorry! I’ll hand you back to Phil
because he’s got a few fish to talk
about now and I’m going to make the
Phil: Lovely, I fancy a nice cup of
tea. Well done Pete, good session.
Because I came out badly in the draw
as well I ended up coming down on
the 7th June so not to waste my holiday, and I came down when it got a
bit less busy. I got down on the 5th
quite early in the morning, and had a
few walks round the lake. There’s a
swim called the Ski Slope, which my
brother and I had some good fish out
of, so we know the spots. It looked
quite good because the bloke in Captors had had fish, and it is directly
opposite so I thought yeah, go in the
Ski Slope for the first night and see
what occurs. I spodded to a spot
60yds out on a hard clay clear patch,
in amongst a load of chod. You know
if you’re not on it because you reel in,
and in the morning and there’s a load
of chod on your hook, your leader,
everywhere. It seems to be that you
don’t get a take unless you’re on the
clear, or just on the edge.
On the 7th June first thing in the
morning, at 6.30 I had a take. When
you hook them in Ski Slope they
always seem to go towards Church
Bay to try to go down the margin to
your right, so you have to give it a bit
of side-strain to get it back in your
swim, and then play it from there. It
was quite a hard fight, and a good
strong fish. I got it in the net, and
couldn’t believe it – a nice fish called
Chips at 33lb 4oz. I haven’t caught
the fish before, so it was a lovely first
capture. I got the photos done by
Mick the Greek. He’d come down to
my swim earlier to ask if I could take
some photos for him. He was in the
Scooter, so I ran down to him, took
some photos, and about an hour later,
he ran down to take some photos for
me, which was nice.
Nothing happened all day, so I
reeled in, had a nice old smoke and a
social with a few other bods around
the lake, and got back to my swim
around 4pm. I put more bait out, a
couple of kilos of 10mm’s, crushed
15’s, hemp, corn, and the usual stuff
on the spot again. No sooner had I
spodded out than fish started fizzing,
so I thought they must be homing in
on the spod because in 16ft of water
it’s quite a long way to drop, and
because the water is quite clear, any
fish in the vicinity of 20-30yds can see
that bait dropping. I’ve got a koi pond
at home, and they can see a little
grain of hemp floating down and then
home in on it and take it on the drop.
I thought the fish were in the middle
layers, as they just seemed to get on it
straight away.
Got my rods out pukka, and all of a
sudden I got a phone call from my
good friend Sam Healy, who said he
was going to pop down and have a
cup of tea with me. I told him to bring
some milk with him this time. He
turned up in my swim about 1.30, and
it was a really hot summer’s day. All
the fish were on the surface, and I was
thinking it had got a bit late in the
day, and I wasn’t really expecting a
take. But with that my right hand rod
shot up to the top and the rod was
shaking. I pulled into a fish and it
came in like a bream. I got it into the
margin and all of a sudden it erupted;
it was a huge grass carp – they must
love me! Sam did an excellent job of
netting it; I told him to watch it
because it will want to jump out of
the net. That’s the thing with them;
they don’t fight in the water, but as
soon as you net them they try and
jump out the net, and they can shed
that hook by jumping. They can also
cause quite a lot of destruction actually; one of them broke my landing
net last year. So yeah, it was a grass
carp, and I estimated it at 30lb-odd,
but when Sam went to lift it up out of
the water I heard his back crack, and
he said, “Cor blimey, you’ve got
another big boy here.” On the scales it
went 44lb 8oz – what a fish, and it
was a different one to the record, so
that’s two 44lb’ers – can’t be bad.
The fish was going mad, but I got
the photos done, and I put it back. I
had a nice cup of tea and a rest, and
cleaned myself down because they
do tend to stink like a roach. You have
to wash your landing net and you


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