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In Search of Monster Carp
have to wash your clothes, because
you get all cruddy when you wrestle
with them. So that was on the 8th
June. So that was my session, and I
was over the moon with Chips as well
at 33lb 4oz, and the grassy at 44lb 8oz.
That was a nice session for me but no
more fish came, so I’ll hand you back
to Peter.
Peter: Thanks Phil, I am so glad I
haven’t caught one of those big fat
cruddy things; they certainly look
nice in the photos, but they’re not my
cup of tea. So my next session didn’t
come too long after, on the 17th June,
which was a Sunday. I had to wait
two weeks to get down what with
work and family and other bits and
pieces, but it’s nice to spread them
out sometimes.
I arrived early again on Sunday, and
my friend was fishing the Scooter.
Again the fish were showing roughly
on the same area early in the morning,
so I woke him up, and had a cup of
tea. He said he was off that day, so I
put my bucket in there to secure the
swim, and then thought I would go for
a walk round to see if I could find anything else. No one else had had anything I believe, so I walked back to
Scooter, helped my mate pack away
to get him out of there quickly, and
then got the rods in. I can’t believe
the rain we had – at one point it was
coming down sideways. The trouble
with the Scooter is that you can only
get your bivvy a certain way, and it
decided to blow southerly, which
nearly took me, my bivvy, and everything with it. It’s got a slope getting
into the swim, and you’ve got to walk
down a slope with roots, and when
it’s wet it’s treacherous so you’re not
going to run down. So I got my baits
in the same area, and again I was
using a pop-up off the baited area,
and a 10mm and a bit of cork. I vary it
between 10mm bit of cork or 10mm
bit of artificial corn.
It wasn’t until Tuesday the 19th
that I was looking out and saw one
fish bosh out, which looked a bit like
one of Phil’s famous grassies. All of a
sudden it ripped off; it was the middle
of the day and there was a few people
opposite. It wasn’t a great take; it just
went straight up to the top, and the
rod started bending. A fish hit the surface; I bent into it, and it kited straight
into Spindly Tree. I was trying to put
side-strain on it, and all of a sudden it
fell off; it was bewildering, and I just
couldn’t believe it. So after doing two
days, I just lost my first one, so I was a
bit gutted.
I looked at the rig, and there didn’t
seem to be anything wrong with the
hook, but I changed it anyway, just in
case there was some sort of flaw in
there, anything, I don’t know, but it
didn’t look like it to me. I was just
walking the lead back out to the spod,
went back to get the reel, and just as
I clipped it my other rod ripped off, so
had a bit of a predicament. I’d got a
spod rod at the back of me with my
spod right out; I’d got another rod in
my hand, and I’d got my other rod
screaming off. So basically, I threw my
rod, ran down the slippery slope,
didn’t fall on my arse, which was
good, and I bent into a nice fish. Again
this one felt like a lump, and it actually plodded around to the left again,
towards Spindly Tree, which was
good because it wasn’t as weedy that
way. I managed to get it under control, slow it down a bit, and then it
started to come in to me, but again it
started diving down into the weed.
There was ribbon-like weed out in
front of Scooter, and you could see
this weed hitting the surface as the
line was cutting it. I was starting to
panic a bit because it was quite deep
down in this.
All of a sudden it locked up solid.
I’d got a few people with me; Keith
was there, and I was locked up solid,
so I was trying different ways to pull it
in. I went higher up to the bank trying


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