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In Search of Monster Carp
Pimple 33lb 2oz. Dip. 8-9-07.
to get better leverage on the fish, and
all of a sudden I felt a couple of pulls
and kicks as the weed cut through,
and it hit the surface. I quickly got it
under control again, got down the
slope, and it hit the surface – a massive dark fish, a lovely looking fish. I
pulled it over to Keith on the surface,
but it was out of netting range. Basically I was on Keith shoulder, trying to
push him out further, but eventually it
came in and Keith netted it first time.
I looked at it and thought it had to be
Hercules; there’s no other fish like it –
it’s very, very dark, and it was very
big, 38lb 10oz actually. Now in the
closed season, while doing a feature I
believe Del hooked this one at 40lbs,
so it’s an up-and-coming 40. The
same with Uno; that’s done 40lbs this
year, so I had two big fish already
under my belt for this year, and I was
really chuffed, and everything was
working on the bait side of things.
There were two changes I made in
the closed season; one was that I
switched to the same hooks that Phil
had been using in a size 10. Now
everyone thinks crikey, they’re small,
and admittedly they are small, but
I’ve always found since I started
angling as a youngster that the
smaller hooks seem to go in and stay
in. So I’m using the Incisor in size 10,
which is sharp and strong. I was on
1 2 l b X - L i n e l a s t y e a r, b u t I ’ v e
switched to 17lb, only because a few
other people are using it like John
Beecham, Jossy, and it just seems to
sink a lot faster. The 12lb sinks admittedly, but I just wanted it to sink
faster, so those are the two changes I
made in the closed season, and they
seem to be working; I mean I’ve had
my best start of any season. That session came to an end, so I’ll hand you
back to Phil.
Phil: My next session was on the
11th June. I got down to the lake in
the early morning, and the swim that
I was in previously, the Ski Slope, had
been taken. Obviously when you have
a few fish out it doesn’t take long for
the grapevine to work, and you can’t
get back in that swim for a good few
months until it slows down again, but
that’s when you’ve got to get back in
it to make it start again. So I thought
I’d try The Plateau, as it is one of the
best swims in the summer, or it can
be; you can have a good hit off it.
Anyway, it was near the lodge, comfortable fishing, so I thought I’d do a
night in there. I found the spot that I
usually fish, and like my brother said
with the Scooter, it’s between two
weedbeds; you cast it long, pull it
through the weedbed, and then it
drops down. Then you can either pop
your marker float up there to know
that you can’t cast any further out
than that, or bring it to you, lock up
again, and know you can’t cast any
nearer than that. So you’ve got cast
either before your marker, or past your
marker. I opted to bring the marker
float in to hit the weed bed again and
cast 3-4ft behind it because it’s quite
a narrow channel. So with this done I
spodded out 2kg of boilies and particles, and put two rods on the spot –
job done. Then I had a nice cup of tea
and a fag, and sat back.
A good friend, Paul Buller went
opposite me in Spindly, and the first
morning fish were showing there. I
was wondering if they would come
over to my side or if they would stay
over there. He proceeded to cast out
two hookbaits with PVA bags on, and
he had a fish. So I was thinking if the
fish were over there and he’d just
caught one I probably stood a good
chance. All of a sudden his right hand
rod was away again, and he’s had two
takes. I was sitting on my hands wondering what was going on, thinking
I’d picked the wrong swim. But all of
a sudden a fish lumped out the water
right over my rod, and I noticed the
fish was a dark plated mirror; a pretty
recognisable fish let’s just put it that
way, and with that my right hand rod
burst into life. After playing the fish I
got it into the margin, and I noticed it


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