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In Search of Monster Carp
was the Woodcarving again. I got it in
the net, job done, but there was no
one around. Mick the Greek had gone
to the shop, Gary Lewis had popped
off with Mick, and there was no one
on the pond except this new member
fishing Salt Circle. So I asked him if he
wouldn’t mind taking some photos for
me, which he gladly did, and despite
losing my lens cap, he took some
good photos.
Just as a coincidence, when I went
to unhook the fish I looked down at its
mouth and noticed my hook was a
good 4ins into the back of its throat,
so I thought, cor, that was confident
feeding! As I said before, and as my
brother said, the hook is a size 10, so
it’s not like a big bit of metal. Some of
the fish on this pond have got really
tiny delicate mouths, so they’d feel a
size 6 or a size 4 hook and spit it out,
even before it hit their lips. But a little
size 10 gives it a claw effect so when
he sucks it in because you can make
that hook bigger by using shrink tubing. So he sucks it in to the bottom of
the jaw so he can crunch up the
boilies, then he notices there’s a
resistance, and he tries to blow it out
with all its might, and that clawing
mechanism will just slide along the
bottom until it finds a hookhold. So as
I said, this hookhold was a good 4ins
into the back of its throat, and I had a
bit of a job trying to unhook it. I took
a couple of photos of the hookhold,
which might be a bit gruesome, but I
had to take some photos of it because
it was such a good one. I put the fish
back, and what a result – the Woodcarving again! Even though I’ve had
Awesome Green leadcore 25lb and 45lb.
it a few times I just wanted to prove
that that fish was on the spot so that
was all good.
Peter: Right it’s my turn now,
thanks Phil. The next time down was
early again on a Sunday, I switched
my times, and started to come on a
Sunday, so rather than have a Thursday and a Friday off, I’m starting to
have a Monday off, then perhaps go to
work on the Tuesday. You can see
some of the swims come free on a
Sunday, and if you get there early
enough you can see some of the fish.
Anyway I arrived on Sunday 1st, and
I’d got three nights, so I was buzzing.
It’s unusual for me to do three nights,
but it’s got to be done sometimes. I
found fish in Captors, and the guy
was asleep; I was a bit gutted really,
because I was desperate for a cup of
tea. I carried on walking round, thinking let’s wait and see. I got round to a
couple of mates, one in Lookout, so I
woke him up to have a brew, and I
saw another fish from Lookout on
Captors area. After having a cup of
tea I got round to Springate’s, noticed
the guy in Captors was now up, and it
looked like he was packing away. I
didn’t even contemplate walking
round the lake; I ran back round to
Captors to have a chat with him. On
going round to him he said he hadn’t
had anything or seen anything, so I
asked if he was off and he said he was
going at about 11am, so I asked if it
was ok if I put my bucket in there. So
that was ideal for me; just enough
time to go back to the lodge and get
everything prepared, because you
need to put a bit of bait out on Cap-
tors. I made sure I had everything, and
by the time he packed away, my barrow was loaded and I was walking
down there.
It was a bit of palaver getting the
rods out, because there are a few bits
and pieces you have to do, like walking round to certain spots to see
where your marker lines up and suchlike. I baited heavily, well I baited
heavily for me, with 2kg of boilies, 1kg
of 10mm’s and 1kg of 15mm’s. Half of
the 15mm’s were crushed with the
old bait chopper, or vegetable chopper really, and then I added one of the
jars of hemp, a tin of sweetcorn and a
bag of the XL hemp, the groundbait
crushed stuff, which adds a bit of a
bind to the spod, and stops the old
spod spill, which is an excellent little
touch that I added last year. So I got it
all baited out to the spot, which takes
a good hour and a half, and got the
rods out. It’s a nice swim, nice and
dry, and hopefully I was going to
catch some fish.
I fished the first night, but nothing
showed. I get itchy feet easily; I’ve
got itchy feet at the moment, and I am
contemplating a move as we talk, but
I’m carrying on with this. It was so
different from the day before, when I
saw four shows for definite on the
spot, but to see nothing from the time
you are in there to the following
morning gets the brain ticking. I
worked through it, and didn’t do as
much bait the following day, halving
it, but I still wanted to keep the bait
going in because a lot of people have
been getting eel problems. Admittedly I wasn’t using anything fishy; I
was using a tiger nut bait, and I don’t
think an eel would be bothered with
it. The hemp and the corn might do,
but they might be attracted to the little stuff eating that as well, but a lot of
people are getting eel problems on
that area. Again, the next evening,
a n d t h e n e x t m o r n i n g, n o t h i n g
showed. I was due to go; I had one
more day, ad then I was due to go to
work early. That afternoon or later
that evening, my mate Jossy turned
up and said, “Where do you reckon I
should go?” I said, “Well I haven’t
seen anything out here, so I’d take a
stroll” He got round to Springate’s,
and all of a sudden, my luck switched
on like a light switch. They were on
me, but they were more on the Ski
Slope area where I normally fish. Phil
has mentioned an area before, which


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