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In Search of Monster Carp
Hercules 38lb 10oz. 19-6-07.
is about 50-60yds from the Ski Slope, a
nice area where we’ve had fish from
before. So I told him that’s basically
on the area, so he went round there to
do his one night.
They continued to jump up to dark
as far as I could see, and I still heard
them in the dark, but received nothing, no takes, and my mate opposite
had nothing either. I was still thinking
I’d got to pack away the next day, and
I was in one of the best swims on the
lake that does loads of fish, and still
I’d had nothing. Anyway, so I packed
away my bivvy in the morning, and
because it had been raining I moved
it out to a sunny area to try and dry it
off as best as I could, and all of a sudden my right hand rod ripped off. I
didn’t see anything out there; it just
ripped off, so I bent into a fish, and it
was quite a long way out, plodding
down to my left going towards the
Lookout area. So it was out there; I
had a nice bend in the rod, and all of a
sudden felt a headshake and it had
thrown the hook. I was absolutely
gutted; I couldn’t even say the words
to describe the feeling. I’d done all
that time, and knew I was going to
work – Greig’s the bakers was definitely going to get hit hard!
I packed that rod away, as there
was no point in putting it back out,
and I packed the bivvy and everything away. I thought right, I’ll do my
lucky trick, so I laid the rod on the
floor, my last rod in the swim, put a little pebble on the spool to indicate if
it’s gone while I’m doing other bits
and pieces. When everything was on
my barrow apart from that rod, work
was calling, I’d got to get a shower,
and I just wanted it to go. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, the
pebble went flying and the rod was
away, so I was happy again. I was
playing the fish really, really nervously
after what the last one had done to
me; I probably played it too gingerly
to be honest. It came straight in practically; it was diving around in that
ribbon weed that is in front, and I
knew Ronnie had lost one in this. If
they get in deep enough, it ties it
around the line, but it was all cutting
again like it did in Scooter, and all of a
sudden it hit the surface, I netted it,
and it was another monster. I didn’t
know which fish it was, so I ran down
to get Keith who was fishing Long
Board. He had seen me packing away
as he came down after I lost one, and
he couldn’t believe that I had had
another one so soon. So I got everyone prepared; Del came down, Buller
came down, and quite a few people
were there, so I was not short of photographers, which was nice. I went to
lift it out and I was right, it was
another big one, Pebbles at 38lb 2oz. I
had been quite lucky with the fish I
had been having – the 37lb’er and
two 38lb’ers. I was doing really well,
so I was very happy and work that
day didn’t seem too bad.
I had a four-night trip planned, and
this was the school holidays now, so
Tom was involved. I love bringing him
down, and he loves coming down; he
likes the lodge, he canes my arse at
darts, and takes some money off me. I
tend to get away with a few more
nights when Tom comes, which is
well handy. So we came down early
on the 26th July, and did the usual circuit. It was a Thursday, so I’d gone
back to my old Thursday trick. There
were not many people on, and Ski
Slope was free, plus it had fish present. The usual area was fizzing, bubbling, slicking, and everything was
happening out there. A few fish were
even head and shouldering off the
s p o t . We q u i c k l y g o t o u r g e a r
together, and we humped it all the


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