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In Search of Monster Carp
way round to the swim.
We got set up, and I don’t even
need to mark in that area, as I’ve got
that spot measured up on the bank,
tree to tree. So we did all that, and I
spodded out a kilo and half of boilies,
half a jar; I didn’t want to go too mad.
I got it out there, and what do you
know, after having fish on me that
morning, all of a sudden they decided
to show up in the Scooter and One Up
area. There were already people in
that swim; I believe Ronnie had one
that afternoon at 26lbs, and the following morning he had one of the fish
I desire, which was Boxer. You’ve
actually seen a picture of that a couple of issues ago that Phil and I did,
where Phil has got it in October time
when it looks absolutely pristine. But
Ronnie had that, so I was thinking I’d
gone from having a swim with fish in
to the fish moving and going mad
down the other end. I even believe
Vince had one that afternoon in
Scooter, so they were well and truly
up that end.
I went round there thinking we’d
made a bit of a wrong move maybe,
but I just had to plug away. Anyway,
Buzza 29lb 12oz. 4-6-07.
that night, I heard a few out in front of
me. Normally if you hear them around
the Sick area, you know that they are
patrolling that marginal drop off to
Scooter, which was nice. Anyway, on
the 28th, all of a sudden they were
fizzing on me in the morning when
Tom was still asleep. Sometimes you
get them fizzing for a minute and you
get a take, but other times they’re on
you for two or three hours and all of a
sudden you get a take, but this proved
to be the two-hour jobby. I was
watching them through the binoculars, and there were numerous fish
there, probably about five, fizzing, hitting hard areas, and really working
the patch.
All of a sudden, probably about 9.30
the rod rattled off. It was going a different way to where Phil said they go;
it was actually going down towards
the Blank. The overhanging trees
were causing a bit of a problem, but
with the rod tip sunk I managed to
turn her and get her round in front.
Tom is excellent at the old netting
job; he’s netted a few fish for me now,
and he loves it. He dipped the net,
and it was a common that hit the sur-
face. I went bananas; it was massive,
really long, and I remember saying to
Tom, “Get it in!”
Anyway, he stretched right out, and
I think I added some more leverage to
him by holding the scruff of this neck
and leaning out further, but he got it
in. We were really shouting and jumping all round the place; it looked massive. Phil was fishing in Scooter so I
told Tom to run down to get him
because it was definitely a PB common for me. We didn’t know which
one it was at that stage, but I had my
suspicions. We got it out, and it was
really heavy. It turned out to be the
Thorpe Park common, and it weighed
39lb 8oz. I was over the moon to
catch yet another lump, and the season was going from strength to
strength for me, after having had such
a bad draw. It was great to catch it
with Tom there, and everything just
clicked; I was really happy. So I
phoned Jossy who ran round to do
some pukka photos.
That’s all we have space for this
month, but look out for more from
Pete and Phil in part 2, coming
soon. n


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