FREE LINE 03 - Page 66

Return to the Grand Union
same situation, with the same rigs on
the same spots as the previous week.
I baited with boilies and particles as
before (although I was starting to
think about stopping the use of particles, and just use boilies), but nothing
happened on this occasion. The following week, and I was doing the
same, but I’d switched the rods
around, with the Amnesia rig on the
towpath, and the Merlin rig on the
reed bed. I baited with about 20 baits
on each spot. At 2am the rod on the
reed bed signalled a take, but then it
suddenly dropped back with the line
going limp. I picked up the rod,
wound in the slack line and struck,
and I could tell the fish had already
gone past me and was now taking
line to my right, with a nice curve to
the rod. After a short fight the fish
was in the net, and it was the same
fish I’d caught two weeks earlier! A
quick weighing, and it registered
24lbs, 1lb down on the previous capture. I didn’t take any pictures and
returned the fish.
(Top) Rudder 21lb
(Left) 26.08


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