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FINYGO App Review
What is it you need from a fishing app these days? Is
it record keeping, help with finding a fishery,
interaction with other anglers, tips or information
about a venue? Whatever it might be we found the
Finygo app pretty much covers it all.
Finygo is a great quality, simple to use, sleek looking
app, easily helping build a comprehensive record of all
your catches, data and valuable fishing memories. It
can be utilised however you like, as a simple and
personal record keeping tool or to become part of a
wider community of likeminded anglers, all working
together to improve their skills and knowledge. Finygo
gives you tonnes of in app options to choose from,
with fast access to the memories and achievements at any
time, which you can use to boast about with you mates,
whether on the bank or down the pub.
As well as your own personal fishing data you can
choose to be part of the Finygo fishing community, adding
and linking up with friends and other anglers, registering
fisheries and their information, all of which will helps build
a database of information for anyone you choose to share
it with. The app has good privacy options allowing you to
share as much or as little information as you want, with
whomever you choose; so if you’re a tight lipped angler or
one who is happy to share with the world, Finygo has your
back. Finygo also lets
you connect to your
Facebook account for
even easier sharing with
As well as creating
your own personal
profile, Finygo lets you
fish as a team by giving
you the choice to create
a secure in app group,
so sharing pictures and
tactics will only be seen
by those group
members which you
choose to include. This
is ideal for the likes of
company fishing teams,
syndicate members or angling
clubs and by sharing, you give the team or group the tools
needed to increase their catch rate. You can also make
new friends by following new anglers or joining friendly in
app communities, which can only lead to you becoming a
better angler.
If you’re checking out a new place to fish, why not use
Finygo’s Discover screen, this lets you discover fishing
hotspots with information left by anglers wanting to share
their discoveries. The app lets you tag important
information simply by taking a picture and adding in the
details i.e. gravel bar, snags and deep holes in the lake
bed. Again, it’s all your choice if you wish to share this
information or just keep it to yourself for future visits.
Forgotten your phone or just plain forgot to add the
information in during your session, it’s not a problem, and
unlike some other apps we have used where you needed
to be on the bank to enter the information, Finygo lets you
add historical catches and information any time, meaning
no matter what, you can keep that comprehensive record
up to date. Although we’re writing from the carper’s point
of view, Finygo does cater for everyone, whether you are a
lake, river or sea angler in the UK or in fact fishing
anywhere else in the world, they have most of it
For us Finygo is a great way to recall
captures and information and call upon
other personal date left by other app
users, so whether you’re a professional
angler or just having fun creating
memories with the kids, Finygo has
lots to offer everyone.
Download the FINYGO app below and get involved!!


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