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Technical Rig
Winter Fishing Rigs by George Loughlin
ver the last few
months I have tried
to bring some of my
thoughts to the
table with regards
to some of the rigs I
have used to bank some cunning
carpy quarry. With the winter solstice
well and truly underway I felt it might
be appropriate to focus on some of
the tactics and rigs I have used when
fishing through the colder months,
and just how to improve your chances
at time of year when bites are generally few and far between, and when
the carp aren't generally as helpful at
giving away their location. Winter
carping tactics are like a totally new
discipline, and there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before embarking on your
campaign. Primarily, you must be
realistic in your achievable targets,
and it is wise to pick a venue that is
both fairly well stocked with carp if
numbers are your thing, and one that
is fairly shallow, as deeper venues are
generally not as productive in the
colder months. If you are going to be
changing your bait to a dedicated
cold weather mix, it is very advantageous to start introducing it in the
autumn so they will recognize it as a
valuable food source. Naturally, as
with any baiting campaign, getting
the bait on viable spots is preferable
to just throwing it randomly, as the
carp will hopefully build up confidence eating it before the ones with
hooks on are presented to them.
Probably now, more than at any
time of the, the single most important
factor in winter carp fishing is constant observation, and keeping a good
network of communications open so
you can get accurate and detailed
information when you are not actually
fishing. It is very useful to have information of capture times and swims
etc, as this will help piece together
the puzzle of winter carping, and you
will benefit from it by building up a
picture of the activity, and hopefully
ascertain where and when the feeding windows are. I realise that cold
weather carping isn’t for everyone,
and many anglers are content to pack
away their gear or turn to pike or the
rivers for some chubbing, but the
rewards an be great if you catch it
just right, and with the lakes far less
(Above) As the sun sets, the cold
winter night draws in.
(Left) A clear winter morning,
watching the water for a sign.


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