FREE LINE 03 - Page 77

Technical Rig Design
(Top left) Here are some of my
preferred braids for use with this
combo rig.
(Middle left) These three hooklinks
offer plenty of scope.
(Bottom left) Here is a selection of
suitable hooks patterns that I like to
use for this rig. You should find one
you like!
(Top right) All you need to construct
this rig from the leadcore to the hook.
(Middle right) Form a loop in the end
of the chosen fluorocarbon or mono,
then cut it to around 12ins in length
and leave it to one side momentarily.
(Bottom right) Take your chosen braid
and cut around 8ins of that off the
congested with bank tramps you can
have a greater choice of swim as well
as a bit more peace and quiet. To me,
there is nothing nicer than waking up
to one of Mother Nature’s hoar frosts,
and seeing the lake motionless on a
cold winter morning. The welcoming
first cuppa of the day with its steam
competing with your hot breath to
cloud your view of the lake, and all of
this under the watchful gaze of a
friendly robin or two, as they hope
you will drop some Rich Tea crumbs
for it to eat as a wintery breakfast
treat. It is amazing just how tame
these symbolic little birds become as
they throw caution to the wind in
search of ever-dwindling food. I have
even had one land on my camo
trousers as I sat motionless in the
Tr a k k e r h o t e l , h a r d l y d a r i n g t o
breathe as it checked out this strange
new addition to its landscape. It is
these elements that make those trips
to the winter bankside simply priceless, and sometimes it is enough to
just be there, soaking up the atmosphere and being part of nature’s bigger picture.
Ye s , I k n o w t h e n i g h t s a r e


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