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Technical Rig Design
(Below left) Choose your preferred
hook from the selection detailed, in
this case, Atomic Tackle’s Claw.
(Middle left) Form a loop in the hair
end of the braid, and thread on the
bait and hook.
(Bottom left) Add a small piece of
0.75mm silicone to the hook, and
then with the use of a micro splicing
needle gently pull the hair through
the silicone.
(Below right) Secure the hair in this
position, and set the correct length
before finishing with a knotless knot.
(Middle right) Cut a half-inch length
of shrink tube and feed it down the
braid, line aligner style so it sits like
(Bottom right) Shrink it down and
form a gentle curve so your rig looks
like the one in the picture.
extremely protracted, and the daylight hours seem to fly by before what
seems like another eternal spell of
darkness, but even in the coldest conditions I can find comfort in what I am
doing, and I like the reading time it
affords me, which is an impossibility
with a lively seven-year-old daughter
at home. Ultimately, it is every carp
angler’s photographic dream to be
snapped with a winter carp, resplendent in its seasonal colours. You will
not get those album fillers whilst
glued to Big Brother or some other
inane drivel on the box, so whilst it
can feel like an irksome chore at
times, keeping the winter carping
routine alive can often pay surprise
dividends, and be they big or small,
winter carp are special fish, and when
you have them, all those hardships
will pale in to insignificance.
Winter is the time of year when
anglers start to rummage through
their tackle in a quest to find that
packet of size 10 hooks they bought
for floater fishing, and we all generally
start to think about refining our
approach with a reduction in the
breaking strain of lines and hooklinks
used, even the size of the baits, as 1012mm seem to find favour amongst
the masses at this time of year. Mono
and fluorocarbon hooklinks also find


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