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Technical Rig Design
(Top left) Make up your mesh parcels
to your preferred size, and fill with
your contents of choice, and then tie
off with three knots as shown.
(Middle left) Hook your bag via the
first section on the tie off, as shown.
(Bottom left) Hook the second section
of the tie and compress the wire in to
the lead aperture.
leads for it to function. As long as you
have an inline lead, albeit a distance,
flat pear, bottle, pear etc, the bag system is fully compatible. For a more indepth look at the contents of the box,
check out the pictures, which give
you a good idea of the components
and how they are assembled to produce this innovative advance in terminal presentations.
One area where this particular
setup scores well is when it is utilized
with the highly successful magaligner rig, and it really does make the
whole process of using this rig a
much more simplified affair. I like the
fact that this system totally eliminates
any tangles, and it now allows a safe
helicopter setup to be successfully
used with a PVA bag setup, rather
than having and inline lead arrangement contained within the confines of
the bag. The latter type of arrangement can be a bit fiddly to tie up efficiently for anyone not used to using
solid PVA bags, and this system along
with Atomic Tackle’s dedicated maggot rig certainly eases that pain! Rob
is the mag aligner specialist so I won’t
cover old ground, and I know he has
some new modifications to this
already devastating rig; instead I am
going to concentrate on using the
system with a boilie based bait parcel
and rig. For the hooklink materials, in
the winter I like to use a fine, supple
braid or fluorocarbon combo in conjunction with a small hook. There are
many good products on the market to
fulfill this criteria, and some of my personal favourites are ESP Ghost, Fox
Illusion, and Gardner Tackle’s Subterfuge (soft), the latter not being fluorocarbon, but a fine diameter clear
mono. Mono hooklinks are also a popular choice amongst anglers in the
winter, and a lot of them tend to
favour an increase in the hooklink
length at this time of year. Although I
like to use mono or fluorocarbon I still
like to combine this with a very supple braid such as Kryston Silkworm,
Sufix Nuflex, or PB Products Armorbraid. Hopefully the bait behaves naturally when being inspected, and
when it has been taken. I think that in
winter they are gentler when feeding,
so hopefully they won’t realise they
have been tricked until that hook
drops down in to their mouths, thanks
to the supple braid.
For the sharp end I want to scale
down the hook size, and depending
on my manufacturer choice, I will be


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