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Technical Rig Design
looking for an 8, 9 or even size 10
hooks for the job. I want the hook to
be small in its pattern as well, and you
will see from the picture that there are
loads of short shanked, moderate
gaped hooks with either a beaked or
straight points on the market, so your
choice is merely down to personal
preference, but the ones I have illustrated have all been rigorously tested,
and have the pedigree to warrant a
place in my terminal arsenal, but you
should have something to fit the bill
in your box as well. In order to accentuate the turning properties of the
hook I have enlisted the help of the
good old shrink tube and on this rig. I
have line aligned it, which makes for a
very efficient hooking mechanism,
and then gave it a gentle curve upon
steaming. I have kept the hair relatively short, and I have got its fulcrum
at the base of the hook as this allows
it to drop down into the carp’s mouth
a bit easier, and hopefully enable a
hookhold a bit easier as it will have
(Top right) Hook the finished
boilie/paste baited rig in to the bag,
and it is ready to cast in to the zone –
the complete winter gastronomic
delight for our quarry.
(Below) A winter 30lb mirror.
further to go to be ejected. The rig can
be used with varying lengths of the
boom section but I like to keep that
around 7-8ins then the braided section is around 2ins maximum. This
gives me the scope to allow for a
degree of flexibility over the lay of the
rig on the bottom when it is odds-on
to be in some degree of detritus as the
autumnal fall of leaf matter begins to
break down. The completed rig itself
will be fished helicopter style behind
the lead, and with the use of a dedicated leadcore back stop it is locked
in place but ready to move easily
enough in the event of the line parting. This is something to be mindful of
when using a helicopter setup in any
scenario, and the carp’s safety is
paramount with any set up.
On the leadcore front, I like to use a
minimum of 4ft, and with a plethora of
good products on the market, I’m sure
you have your own favourites. The
main difference I have found with all
the various leadcore products is the
varying degree of ease with which
they all splice. As I have mentioned
before, one tip to bear in mind with all
of them is to ease the section of the
splice right down over the widest part
of the needle, then the internal splice
section will have more room to ease
through and you won’t break the needle pulling at it like a bull in china
shop! One thing I will mention about
joining it to the mainline is that I pre-


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