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Technical Rig Design
(Above) My Century FS’s shivering on
their rests!
(Below) Winter caught fully scaled
in the colder months and enable a
winter carp or two to grace your net.
fer to use a needle knot rather than a
loop because it is far less obtrusive,
and the hooklink can pass over it with
ease – that old safety thing again!
Well I have given you the lowdown on
the rig’s dynamics and my selection
of terminal bits to enable you to construct it, so take a look at the pictures,
and hopefully it will do you a service
Well the time has come to introduce my guest for his input on winter
carp fishing rigs, and it gives me great
pleasure to have this carp catching
machine within my humble literary
ramblings. This angler has been carp
fishing for nearly 25 years and has
fished some of the top waters in the
country such as The Crayfish Pool,
Fox Pool, Road Lake, Yateley Complex, Wellington Country Park and
Pingewood to name but a few, and he
has caught some of the biggest residents in all of them. He is a very unassuming angler; he has a real passion
f o r a l l t h i n g s c a r p y, a n d y e t h e
remains very grounded. Like most of
us he holds down a good career, juggles family life, and manages a few
night fishing trips in between with
results that speak volumes about his
talent. I am, of course talking about
Mr. Rick Golder, and it was a real
pleasure for me to meet up with him
recently at his private syndicate lake
where he has caught some tremendous fish with regularity. I would also
like to congratulate Rick on becoming
a dad again to a bouncing baby boy
called Matthew, and to thank him for
taking the time out from the new family member to participate in this feature.
Well, I was greeted with a smile
and a firm but friendly handshake as
we headed onto the venue, and with
the last of the leaves hanging onto
their barren hosts we made our way
round to the lake on a bright early
winter’s day. Rick was keen to get his
rig wallet open to show me his four
main rigs, and again it never ceases to
amaze me just how similar everyone’s
approach to rigs is. I was keen to see


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