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Technical Rig Design
(Top left) Primarily for this rig Rick relies on the awesome hooking ability of his
Gardner Muggas.
(Middle left) These are his essentials for constructing this cunning carp trap.
(Bottom left) The new Sufix Camfusion is Rick’s preferred choice of hooklink.
(Top right) Cut a 14in length of the hooklink material, strip back approx. 5ins,
then form the hair loop. Next, attach a rig ring roughly 1.5ins back from the hair
loop, using a simple overhand knot.
(Middle right) Take the Mugga hook and pass it through the rig ring before
setting the hair length fully.
(Bottom right) Put a barrel hookbait on the hair, and position the ring in the final
just what he uses to land these
leviathans, and it was no surprise to
see the Mugga hook as the mainstay
of the rig. I have used these with great
success, and can certainly attest to
their awesome hooking ability, so it
was no surprise when Rick pulled
these bad boys out of the hat. Rick
uses the Mugga because he likes the
fact that it has an aggressive curved
shank, which aids the turning of the
hook and the fact that it has a long
enough shank to allow the rig ring to
move freely. Being sponsored by
Gardner Tackle, Rick gets to use some
great hooklinks; he puts his faith in
their newest addition, Camfusion, and
he loves the colouration of it and the
fact that it blends in very well with a
variety of lakebeds at varying times of
year. The total length of the hooklink
is around 7-8ins, and as you can see
from the pictures it is easy to construct and very effective by virtue of
its simplicity. The hooklink is tied
incorporating a size 8 swivel, and the


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