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Technical Rig Design
(Top left) Secure the hair to the hook
using a 4-5 turn knotless knot.
(Middle left) The rig should look like
(Bottom left) Cut a 10mm length of
shrink tube, position it over the knot,
and shrink it forming a gentle curve.
(Top right) Place an additional 10mm
piece of shrink tube on the hooklink,
and when you have formed the loop in
the end, leaving the rig approx. 7ins
long, shrink the tube over the knot.
(Middle right) Add a small piece of rig
putty to the hooklink, and the
completed rig should look like this.
(Bottom right) The rig gets attached
to the leadcore via a simple loop as
shown. This is the basis of the drop off
lead arrangement Rick prefers.
with particles such as CC Moore’s
Hot Hemp and the awesome Essential B5 boilies, tweaked to his own
recipe, he is very confident to take
this winning combo anywhere. For
the rig baits, he prefers to use either
two 14mm barrels or a single 18mm
barrel lengthways, and these then
receive a liberal coating of the B5
paste, which offers the maximum
attraction of the mix with no loss of
nutritional value through boiling.
When the paste begins to break down
it invariably leaves residue on the barrel, and this further sets it apart from
the already dangerous-looking round
standard shape, making it even more
appealing to a guileful old cypry. After
the boilies have been deposited, half a
dozen spods of the Hot Hemp completes the baiting regime, and it is a
case of sitting back and waiting for
the alarm to sing. Judging by the success Rick has enjoyed this year he
never seems to have to wait long, and
constantly manages to get amongst
some of the biggest carp in his chosen venue. So there you have it – big
fish angler and absolute gentleman
Rick Golder has given us an insight to
his successful winter rig, and I am
sure that with an angler of his calibre


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