FREE LINE 03 - Page 94

The Magic of Redmire
mally I would have been keen to get
up and get the dam wall rod back in
position, but as the area I was fishing
was quite small, I decided to leave it
for a while to give the other rods a
chance. At about midday I wound the
remaining rods in and went for
another walk around the lake. The
rain had stopped during the night,
which allowed me to look in more
detail. After a while I’d started to get
my fishing head on, but every time I
caught sight of those famous wooden
railings running along the dam wall,
I’d remember where I was and then
the fishing would feel less important
again. As far as the fishing was concerned, I was reasonably confident in
the morning. In the afternoon, Galvin
moved a rod into ‘The Evening Pitch’
and fished it into the deep channel. It
was cutting off my section of water a
bit but, to be honest, we were at Redmire and I wanted everyone to have a
chance of catching.
(Top) View from the Evening Pitch
across to The Willow Pitch.
(Below) Galvin’s 27lb 8oz common.
That night he caught four fish on
his other rods up to 11lbs, all on maggots. The Evening Pitch rod hadn’t
d o n e a n y t h i n g, a n d I w a s q u i t e
pleased when he decided to reel it in,
but as he swung the lead back to his
hand, a good fish jumped out right
between where his bait had just been
and where mine still was. With that
he was soon getting the bait back in
position, at least for another night.
During that afternoon Galvin caught
another single figured common, again
on one of his maggot rods, and Carl


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