FREE LINE 03 - Page 95

The Magic of Redmire
(Left) The Evening Pitch.
(Below) My Redmire 20.
caught his first Redmire carp, a nice
scaly mirror of just over 11lbs.
The activity in front of Galvin and
Carl was quite impressive, with fish
fizzing up all around them, but, other
than one fish that I had seen jump out
twice on my middle rod in the morning, things in my swim were looking
bleak. I didn’t really feel that there
was anywhere to move to without
jeopardizing the other guys’ chances,
so I decided to stay put, although I
was starting to feel quite hemmed in.
In the evening I decided to reposition
all of my rods, and switched to maggots with a trimmed down pop-up on
the left one. It seemed that the
smaller, single-figured fish were ravenous for them, and I was quite keen
to get another bite.
That night, as I sat in my bivvy, I
realised that my fishing head was
beginning to take over again. I really
didn’t want this session to be just
about catching fish, and for a while I
toyed with the idea of leaving the following day. I wanted to preserve my
memory of Redmire just as it had
been when I landed my first fish and
was beginning to worry that it was
turning into ‘just another carp lake’. I
was starting to regret the fact that I’d
switched to maggots on one rod too,
as I was sure that boilies would pick
up the better fish. This thought was
confirmed that evening when
Galvin’s Evening Pitch rod on boilies
tore off at around 8pm and soon we
were all staring down at the very
same fish that had jumped out earlier
in the day. And what a fish, 27lb 8oz of
Redmire common. Even the rain
didn’t dampen our spirits as we
cracked open the bubbly! The sight
of that fish reminded me that it didn’t
matter whether I was catching or not,
and I made a couple of decisions.
One; I would be staying for another


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