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and because the water clarity is
very clear, make sure to take the
time if you can to walk around
looking for any tell-tale signs of fish,
be it feeding, breaches or any
brazen carp just swimming past
under the surface. Bait boats are
allowed and you would need one to
get under some of the overhanging
tree lines (bait boats can be hired
from the fishery). Karl has also
recently extended the size of the
lake by digging out the far end and
is looking to add another 1 or 2
Now some would say the most
important aspect of any fishery is
the stock and with around ninety
carp in the three and half acres of
water and eight all above the thirty
pound with one in the low forty
pound bracket, it’s safe to say there
is a good chance of catching one of
the lakes biggest residents. They
have around fifteen to twenty
original carp still left in the lake,
while the rest have been stocked
just previous to Karl taking over the
running of the fishery, with the
average weight of carp caught now
being somewhere between twenty
and twenty five pounds. Talking to
Karl and hearing his opinion we
would not class Westfield Fishery as
very difficult water to catch on but
it’s definitely no way a runs water.
Dismiss the margins at your own
peril as they can be a favourite
haunt of some of the bigger fish in
the lake, with margins sloping off
nicely into deeper water up to 14
feet in places. The lake itself is
crystal clear so moving quietly and
stealthily is a must if you want to
outwit Mr & Mrs Carp. The bottom
is covered by a mix of different
lengths of weed with plenty of
visible clear spots to find and areas
comprising of silt, gravel bars and
gravel patches all litter the lake bed.
There are plenty of naturals in the
lake ranging from bloodworm beds
to snails, which all have helped the
carp to grow big and healthy and
again, listening to Karl’s experience
of Westfield and talking to a few
anglers on the lake, boilie does work
well, supported with a freebies
scattered about or small amounts of
particle also working well,
especially sweetcorn corn.
During our time at the fishery the
whole lake was generally quiet,
with only a large Bream and a 24lb
7oz common being caught but Kevin
did manage to land a stunning 25lb
mirror using a pva bag close in,
under an overhanging tree line on
his right. Kevin also had a second
take but unfortunately lost it to
some snags in his left hand margin.
For a fishery the facilities are top
class, including male, female and
disabled toilet, a shower room with
a small selection of toiletries and
also a fridge/freezer is available for
use by angler on the longer
sessions. There are power points
available free of charge for charging
bait boats, phones and any other
electrical devices you might have.
Access to all the above are available
behind a secure locked door with a
key kept in a coded key box; the
code will be given on booking or
arrival. Westfield Fishery has also
just released prices for exclusively
booking the whole lake, ranging


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