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Carp Fishery
The Old Brickyard, Hemingbrough, Selby
emingbrough carp
syndicate is a fishery we
feel has a very bright
future ahead of it, with an
excellent feeling of
togetherness and friendship
from its members and the
management, with their main
aim to build on an already solid
community of members and
adding to them with the anglers
that are willing to join
Hemingbrough in the future.
Hemingbrough is a syndicate
that offers something for
everyone, from your dedicated
and passionate carpers to the
pleasure angler who can only
make the odd trip out here and
there, but what’s on offer is well
worth the cost of joining, and
with owner Andy Pulleyne
teamed up with good friend
Mike Firth at the helm they
really do have a solid plan
moving forward, with goals to
make this syndicate as good as
it can possibly be for anyone
wanting to be part of their
The fishery has two brilliant
lakes to choose from when
joining. Both have crystal clear
water and great stocks of carp,
with one lake sitting at about
two and a half acres in size and
plenty of beautiful fish reaching
the high twenties, the largest
being a mirror at just short of
29lb, with lake depths that can
touch in excess of 16ft in places.
The second lake is just over ten
acres in size with carp caught to
the low 20s by the current
members but with much bigger
carp seen swimming around its
waters, so a planned and
dedicated approach will be
needed to catch these fish, plus
depths that fall to as deep as
30ft. These lakes can be tough
with the rewards well worth
every bit of effort put into them,
but even with their generous
head of carp, both original fish
and newly stocked carp put in
by Andy over the past few
years, they are not always the
easiest to coerce out of the lake.
They can be challenging waters
and can test you and your
knowledge to the max, so if you
are looking for an easy runs
water, Hemingbrough is
possibly not for you.
Stocks range from about
150-plus carp in the smaller
lake with a few big tench,
bream and other species
residing in it, and a stock of
over 400 carp in the bigger


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