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have a large range of Urban
Baits products on offer, which
are used on the lake regularly
by its members and have
accounted for many good
captures since its introduction.
Andy is a businessman and a
builder by trade; he’s not really
that into his fishing but has all
the passion of an angler when it
comes to the fishery, and since
taking over the lakes with the
help of his friend Mike Firth,
who is a passionate angler, they
really do make a great team,
and the members are all in very
good hands. We touched on
this before, but building a
strong community of members
with the same love of the
fishery is a huge part of their
plan, consulting with members
and getting their point of view
on how to improve the
syndicate is vital, with many
members willing to get stuck in
and help improve areas on the
lake. Andy is no stranger to
hard work though or using the
odd bit of machinery, be it a
digger or forklift, which was
evident with the efforts made in
improving the main double
swim by the car park while we
were there. Just seeing the
general quality of work around
the lake, it’s all completed to a
very high standard. Andy is
taking it slow and steady rather
than plough straight in and
potentially making mistakes. He
has a very good plan in our
opinion, and all is a work in
progress for them, but if it's
worth doing, it’s worth doing
properly. He still works full time
in the building industry but
always finds the time to work
on the fishery with Mike. We've
seen fisheries with full-time staff
that do less!
Andy has his eye on a third
lake in the future, which would
make a great match lake where
the kids and newcomers to the
sport could together learn their
trade before tackling the
bigger, harder waters.
If you are looking for a syndicate water that tests you while you are
shrouded by a community of likeminded friendly anglers with the
feeling of helping to build something great for everyone in the
future, then congratulations, this is the place for you! The cost of
membership is only £250 per year, April to April, and Andy is
contemplating extending the membership numbers for the coming
season, so if you like the sound of what you read here please
contact Hemingbrough Carp Fishing for more details. Call 07841
407748 or message them on their Facebook page.


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