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In Search of Monster Carp
Leather 35lb 4oz – The Warwick
common carp; they’re just not there. I
mentioned in one of my other stories,
they are few and far between, but
most of these waters have got a myth
of a giant common sitting around
some tree, but they don’t exist. They
are stories, and who knows where
these stories come from, but they’re
always the big ones, and they’re
always commons. Walthamstow is a
large complex, and it’s a long walk. In
recent years they have put a car park
down at the Warwick, but it’s 2½
miles from the car park to the Warwick, a measured walk. Now that is a
long walk, especially when most
anglers take the kitchen sink, the
washing machine and everything else
with them, and considering you’re
only going for the day. The gate is
open at 7am, and seasonally they
close at different times, peaking at
about 10.30pm on the longest day in
the summer, and on the shortest day
of the winter, I think they close at
I am going to start off with the West
Warwick. Now at the time, continuing
on when I was fishing at Sutton some
years ago, they did a special offer on
t h e We s t Wa r w i c k . I t h i n k i t i s
because a lot of rumours have gone
by that some of the fish have passed
away, or for some reason, there just
weren’t many fish getting caught. I
don’t know the reasons behind it, but
they actually did a ticket for £1 on the
West Warwick, and I thought hang on,
I’m going to take advantage of this; I
don’t care what anyone else says. For
some reason I thought there would be
a mad rush, and I thought I would
turn up every morning and it would
be rammed. But in the end, because
they were trying to sell tickets cheap,
people kept away, but not me and a
couple of other friends. To be honest
with you, I’ve never actually fished
with anyone in particular at Walthamstow until recent days, but in the
early days, I never used to go up there
on my own, well not regularly anyway. I used to take someone with me;
it’s a vast water, or set of waters, and
it’s nice to have a cup of tea and a
chat with someone, or share the glory
of catching a big fish with someone. I
27lb common – The Warwick


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