FREE LINE 03 - Page 110

In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) The Pads.
(Below) 34lb common Birch.
unbelievable fight. Again I had had
these takes out in open water on a
reservoir that was just an expanse of
water, and I had never experienced
anything like it before. I thought hang
on a minute, why are there more people here? I’d been there five minutes,
and I’d had two fish, and I was enjoying myself – I was over the moon. I
thought right, if I don’t catch anything
else, it would be a good day, but then
I had another take. Now just from the
ferocity of the take, I nearly lost the
rod when I struck. You think when
you’re using nylon there would be
some stretch. I was fishing at perhaps
90-100yds, and the stretch in that
nylon is phenomenal, but this fish
was powering in the opposite direction, so I felt I had hit a catfish or
something. Well, I played this fish in; it
was slow, dogged, and kept down
deep. The big problem at the Warwick
is that all round the margin, about
10yds out, there’s a shelf, so the fish
come in close, then decide to go down
the bottom of this bloody shelf and if
you’re not careful, that’s where you
can lose them. Well I got this bloody
fish in the net, and I have never seen
anything like it; I had never seen a
fish of this calibre. It was pale with
big striped scales down it the size of
oranges; it had wispy twirls on it, and
it had a back like a flipping railway
sleeper. Its fins were unbelievable,
and one thing I will never forget was
all the slime running out of the net
when I lifted it out of the water. If you
could imagine the worst bream that
you have ever caught, and you’re
shaking the snot off your hands – it
was like that. I had never ever caught
anything like it. Well this carp ended
up being a fish called Fungus, which
to my knowledge had only been
caught two or three times. I don’t
know the history of it, or where it
came from, but the locals will obviously know more. I know it was
caught it in the early days from there,
but other than that, I’m not sure, and I
think it was 36lb. It’s alright to go to
these venues, as I explained earlier
on, like Sutton – yes there are one or
two mystery fish, but we’re talking
about a reservoir than no one really
knows a great deal about, other than
the locals. To someone like me who’s
travelled for an hour to get to this
venue, it’s a reservoir in the middle of
nowhere. Lee Jackson fished it in the
early days, and was very successful,


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