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In Search of Monster Carp
Warwick a great deal, as I had so
many waters to fish. I wanted to fish a
couple of the other lakes on the complex, but as I explained earlier on, I
did jump from one water to the next.
Other than my early days on DDAPS
as a youngster, and then when I transitioned over to fishing Sutton Leisure
Sport, I have never felt that I can give
one lake 100% commitment in one
year – I do get stale. So the way I fish
nowadays, I do fish four or five and
believe it or not, even six different
waters throughout a season. I have
been lucky enough that I have kept a
majority of my waters. I have got
some new waters that unfortunately I
can’t mention because of publicity
bans etc, and some of them I am
going to fish a lot more in the future.
They all hold big fish, and I jump
around between them all at different
times of the year. The Manor over in
Essex is one that I will go into later,
and I fished Horseshoe Lake in the
early days, but unfortunately that was
one of my dud waters. I was one of
these people that paid what was a lot
of money to me to help the Carp Society purchase that, and I must admit
that when they decided to do what
they did at the end of the ten years, I
felt a bit stabbed in the back. I felt
that I had spent a lot of money to
secure this water. I know we were
given an opportunity to renew our
membership, but I think they should
have done something a little bit more
for the members who got it there in
the first place. There is probably more
behind the scenes to that than I’ll
ever know, but that is somewhere
where I did fish a few times. I think
the biggest fish I had out of there was
24lb, but it’s a lovely place nevertheless.
One of the next waters that I went
onto was a holiday venue. I had met
Tim Paisley at one of the dos that I
had gone to. Being a youngster, I had
bought the videos of Birch Grove;
John Lilley was in them, and obviously Tim Paisley – I think I got them
for Christmas. I remember being over
a t m y p a r e n t s ’ h o u s e, w h e r e I
watched them, and I could only
dream of fishing this place called
Birch Grove. Well, next thing I know,
thanks to Micky Sly, who gave me a
chance, with Mick Fisher, to go and
fish this venue. If any of you don’t
know, Birch Grove is in a run of meres
up in Shropshire. I think you have got
the Mangrove, White Mere, Fenny
Mere and Birch Grove, which are all
connected via a river, a little dyke
river, and Birch Grove is right on the
end of it. It’s a lovely place, and most
of you, I would have thought, have
seen the videos. I was privileged to be
able to fish this venue in its very early
stages when it started chucking up
some very nice fish. I continued to
fish this every year for a week for ten
years. I went every summer for a
week, which was the highlight of my
fishing at the time, and three of us
used to go. There are four swims;
you’ve got the Caravan Swim, the
Helipad, and the Pads, and there are
also a couple of little swims either
end, and we had a draw for swims. It’s
quite a long journey up there, three
hours or so, and you’re going through
the windy lanes to get to the place.
When you turn up at the top of the
gate where you look down over Birch
Grove, it was just something you
looked forward to every year, and
being a lot younger than I am now,
there was something about it. Tim
has been a legend himself in carp
fishing for many a year, which highlights the water, and you felt privileged, because I do believe at the time
very few people like me actually got a
Birch 20 plus.


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