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In Search of Monster Carp
boat, you can control the area where
you are fishing. I went back to the
bank, baited up my three areas with
the particle, and I was quite happy. To
be honest with you, I was using
boilies at the time, and as I said
before, I’d used pop-ups at Sutton, but
small baits. I just felt through past
experiences from when we had been
there previous years that once they
got on the bait, they would mop it up
and you’d catch them.
Well, the night went by, and the following morning I came to and I hadn’t
had a take. I hadn’t had a bleep or
anything. The sun came over the horizon, the old blue sky was there, and I
felt that I didn’t have much chance of
a take. This was a venue where I had
takes in the evening as it was getting
dark, during the night, or first thing in
the morning. I just wasn’t lucky, and
none of us who had fished the venue
when I had been there had caught
during the main part of the day. A
couple of my colleagues had used surface baits and had been successful,
but as I said earlier on, it’s not really
my cup of tea; I’d rather set my traps,
bait up and sit behind my rods,
watching the wildlife, watching the
water, and learning things that way.
I’d gone out there that following
m o r n i n g, a n d I w a s s t a g g e r e d :
couldn’t believe it – all the bait was
gone. You can imagine – 20kg of particle and boilies, chopped up baits,
and we’re talking sweetcorn, hemp,
pi ge o n c o ndi ti o ne r, a nd bro k e n
boilies. You weren’t allowed to used
nuts on the venue, so you were quite
limited as to what you could use particle wise. Yeah, so it was gone; there
was nothing there. I was surprised
that my bait was still there, but I must
admit the lead had pulled the bait
down into the soft silt, but it was still
exposed. The lakebed was just
cleared, and there was that shine or
shimmer to the bottom where they
had fed. Where everywhere else was
tacky and bitty, this was a cleaned
area, but there was my bait right in
the middle. Now either my presentation wasn’t correct, or I don’t know,
maybe they knew what a boilie with a
hook in it looked like – I think the latter was probably the answer to that
one. I thought, well hang on a minute,
how am I going to catch these fish?
This had worked before on previous
trips that I had been on, so I refined
my rig. I just drilled a hole in the
boilies with a 10mm drill, and put
foam in it to take the weight of the
hook. Obviously the fish were going
over that area like hoovers, clearing
the bottom, and I wanted that bait to
react as much as I could like the particle and boilies that were on the bottom. So I put the foam in the bait, and
baited up again with 20kg of particles.
That evening I had a take, and it
took me all over the place, into the
pads and snags. I was using light line
at the time, well, 10lb or 12lb. I had
been using 10lb at Sutton, and these
days we do seem to use, heaver line
than we used to when I was a kid. I
remember carp fishing in the early
days with 8lb mono, but I don’t think
you would ever find one in a hundred
using 8lb mono, or 6lb. It’s mad, it’s
mad, but we do over-gun ourselves
with tackle these days, and the size of
hooks is another thing. How many
times in the early days did you use a
size 10, where now your first port of
call would be a size 8, or in some people’s cases, a size 6? It’s weird, but
anyway, I’d had this take, and the fish
has taken me all over the place. Now
keep in mind my biggest common
was the Peach from Sutton the previous year, a fantastic fish. It was my
first 30lb’er, and being a common it
was obviously very special. But I
played this fish for some time; it gave
Birch 20 plus.


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