FREE LINE 03 - Page 120

On the Bank
In fact this common is one of the biggest in the lake, and
is down in weight by 7lb on its best weight. Transferring
the fish directly from sling to the safety mat ensures the
fish is not harmed in any way. George, like all of us, always
puts the fishes’ welfare above all else.
What a cracker – no wonder George looks so happy.
Martin and George are going to do the night, but I’ll be off
home in a couple of hours. Even though I’ve not caught, it
was great to see a gorgeous fish like that on the bank, so
the kettle’s on and it’s tea and medals all round.
Safely back to fight another day. These fish will certainly
be feeding up to replace lost bodyweight over the next
few months. You will be seeing quite a bit more of Martin
shortly, as he’s starting a new series in Big Carp on his
exploits on some of the best waters around.
It just goes to show that good bait in the right place at the
right time removes the need for anything complicated at
the rig end. The lads stayed until the next morning, but no
further action was forthcoming. No doubt with winter on
the horizon I’ll be meeting up with George and Martin
again. Until then, be lucky.


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