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stocking all carp that have been caught
are doing very well and putting on
good weights, a testament to his hard
work and planning. The top weight
caught so far is an impressive 28lb, and
with the lake being very underfished, a
large amount of the 75 stocked carp
remain uncaught. This is illustrated with
Kevin’s two captures, with both fish
never seeing the bank before our visit.
The lake itself is located off a small
country lane with virtually no traffic
apart from the odd horse rider passing
by and local cars. It’s situated
just outside the market town
of Romsey close to the M3,
so it’s very easy to find.
Coombe is a relaxing water
with all the wildlife and
tranquillity you would
expect, from hawks circling
high above to the two
kingfishers that reside
somewhere nearby, it’s a
beautiful place to visit.
The lake itself is a general
L-shape or boot – thinner at
one end with an intake
providing fresh water and
plenty of natural foods, while
widening as it goes with a tiny island at
the thinner end, leading to a larger
body of water with an island and
overflow at the other. Jonathan has
implemented a small barrier from the
bank to one side of the larger island to
stop the carp swimming around the
entire island, thus preventing the
chance of fish snagging you up behind
it, especially on night time takes. The
water is only around the one-acre mark
with depths ranging from 3 to 6ft, with a
mixed bottom of silt, weed beds and a
few hard spots. There are clumps of
weed dotted around the lake, providing
the carp with safe havens and places to
munch on the natural food, plus making
it a bit tougher for we anglers, but with
this abundance of natural food and the
fact there are only carp in the lake, it will
only help their growth over the years to
come and benefit everyone.
The lake is ideal for three to four
anglers maximum, or five if you were a
group of friends and happy to only fish
two rods each. More than this is really
far too many. You could fish three rods,
but that’s a lot of pressure for this small
water. Coombe runs as a syndicate


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