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Heritage is Important
looked every inch as big as Cut Tail,
which I used to watch in the water
back on Manor. I got a rod and tried to
have a stalk, but she was so close I
had to wait for her to move away, and
she didn’t come back. It was during a
session like this that I did finally catch
one from there. Again I found some
fish close in on a warm day with a
gentle breeze pushing in (I came to
believe these were the best conditions on there to find the fish). There
were two or three of them mooching
around in the margins, and when they
moved out, I took a chance and lowered a bait in close to where they had
been. I stood behind a bush and
watched. All of a sudden there was an
almighty boil just where my bait was,
and the rod lying on the floor jerked
forward and then stopped. I thought I
had pricked the fish and it had gone,
but the rod suddenly started moving
towards the lake again! I just managed to grab it, and realised what had
happened. The fish had gone off so
quickly it had pulled line off the reel at
such a rate of knots that it had spilled
out quicker than the loose clutch
would allow. Now it had tangled
behind the spool, but it was one of
those miracles, as I just sort of flicked
at it and it came loose. After a frantic
battle, which saw the fish try to leap
out (probably never been hooked
before), I netted a perfect old warrior
that weighed 28lb 4oz. A pukka heritage carp!
That takes us into 2004. There was
no way I was going to rejoin Linch
Hill, but I spoke to one of the bailiffs
about this while I was fishing on
Stoneacres late in 2003, and he said
that they were hoping to form a syndicate on there and day tickets would
be stopped except on Stoneacres. I
then decided it might be worth rejoining Linch, as hopefully this would
improve the crazy angling pressure
situation. The price went up considerably, but it could be worth it. As
things happened once again, I wished
I hadn’t bought a Linch ticket, as I
had been on the waiting list for a nopublicity lake for some years, and in
the close season after I had paid for
Linch, I got the news that I had a
place on this exclusive syndicate.
Now I had the Linch lakes, the nopublicity lake, and the lake on the
trout fishing complex! With one day
and night a week there was no way I
could do all the lakes justice. I flitted
between Linch in the spring and a
few sessions on the pit on the trout
complex. I had a few out of Linch, but
(Top) Fishing The Pit on the Trout
fishing complex.
(Above left) 26lb 12oz Stoneacres
Linch Hill 2003.
(Left) 21lb 10oz Linch Hill, 2004.


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