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Heritage is Important
(Above) A 28 from the Lake on the
Trout fishing complex 2003.
(Below right) Working party, new
swim, Ski Lake, January 2005.
(Bottom right) The new swim, Ski
I struggled again. I did have another
out of the trout complex lake, but
believe it or not, it was the same one I
had caught the year before! That
brings us onto the no-publicity lake.
Now obviously I can’t give you any
names of the fish, because of the no
publicity rule, but it’s a proper old
lake. The stock isn’t massive, but
there were two 40’s and quite a few
back-up 30’s, many of them big 30’s
as well. It was my old mate Greg
Richardson, who had originally got
me onto the waiting list many years
before, and unfortunately by the time
I had my ticket, even though Greg
was still a member, he had caught virtually all of the lake’s stock, so we
didn’t really have a chance to fish it
The first session I had on there
though was a rare Saturday night session for me. This was because it was
the first weekend of the season, and
Greg was down for a social, so he was
able to show me around. We didn’t
have anything that session, although I
did have tench. I returned soon after
for a midweek session, which apart
from tench, again produced no action.
It was on my third session that I broke
my duck. Again I had caught tench,
but I was pleased that I was getting
action, as the lake has a massive head
of crayfish, and it was obvious I was
keeping baits on long enough to get a
bite. In fact the tench may have
helped, as when the buzzer went
again I struck into something that
obviously wasn’t a tench. The fight
was nothing special, and just felt
heavy. I had a feeling it could be one
of the lake’s biggies, and it was confirmed when I tried to lift the net out
of the water after I had landed it. I
weighed it in the darkness at 37lb
4oz, but I had no idea which fish it
was, as I didn’t know what they
looked like! When we did the pictures, it was recognised as the smaller
of the two 40’s, down in weight
slightly due to successful spawning
that summer. Amazingly, three weeks
later I had my second one out of the
lake in very similar circumstances. It
was the middle of the night again,
and I had just been tenched, so when
I had a jerky kind of take again that
just pulled up to the buzzer, I picked
up the rod and clipped the line behind
the line clip on the reel so I could get
a bait out onto the spot again pretty
quickly. I was pretty knackered at this
point after being at work all day, and
then being up in the night for the fish,
so it took a few seconds to realise that
I had a carp on, and that I wouldn’t be
able to give any line if it went on a
long run! Luckily, as is the case with
many big carp, she was just slow and
heavy in the fight, and once again I
found myself struggling with the net
with a big lump in it. This one was
even bigger at 39lb 1oz, and I had my
suspicions which one it was after the
spawning, and it was confirmed during the photos that it was the lake’s
other 40! My apologies that I can’t
show you pictures of these fish in this
article, but obviously I’m not referring
to the water as the no-publicity lake
for nothing. That was an incredible
session for me, as I had a double figure common at dawn, and then with
the common in the net, I hooked into
another fish, which, probably because
I had one in the net, I lost due to trying to get it in too quickly. I lost it
right at the net, and unfortunately it
was another good 30! After all those
fun and games the lake reverted to its
usual difficult self after those two mad
sessions, and that was pretty much it
for 2004.
Onto 2005. I had spoken to Fletch
who ran the fishing on Linch at that
t i m e, a n d i n f o r m e d h i m t h a t I
wouldn’t be rejoining, but happened
to mention how much I thought of
Stoneacres. He said to me that I was
now eligible for the 20-man syndicate
on there, so once again I had a Linch
ticket, although this time just for
Stoneacres. Another chap I met on
Linch, Nick, was in the process of
forming a syndicate on a local large
pit, which we will call The Ski Lake.
Again it was a small syndicate, and
Nick offered me a place. I thought
again this was too good an opportunity to turn down. The problem was
once again I had more lakes than I
could do justice to. I had also
changed my job late in 2004, which


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