FREE LINE 03 - Page 127

Heritage is Important
(Above) Another one from The Pit.
(Below) 15lb 12oz, new swim, Ski
Lake, March 2005.
meant I had more weekends off, so
that was good for my family life, but I
had less time for fishing as I don’t fish
on a weekend. On my midweek sessions I also couldn’t get to the lakes
as early, as I couldn’t get home from
work until around 6.15p.m. Even
when I travelled distances to Yateley
and Elstow 2, I was at the lakes and
fishing sometimes by that time. It was
a better job though, and what was
more important was that I was also
due to become a father that summer,
so I knew that it was to be a short
fishing season for me in 2005. The Ski
Lake opened on April 1st, which fell
on one of my midweek nights, so the
early spring was spent doing a few
nights and days on there. The Ski
Lake didn’t have any massive carp in
it, apart from one notable exception,
but it still had some an original
Leneys in. Just a couple of hours into
The biggest fish
in there was
50lbs, and there
were at least two
others around
the mid-40’s
the new season, I had one which I
think was a Leney. It was only a middouble, but it was a common with no
pelvics, just like the one in Redmire! I
had a couple of others that spring; the
biggest at just under 24lbs.
When the season opened on the
no-publicity lake, I had a few sessions
over there until my baby came along,
and I managed to winkle one out, a
31lb’er. I did a few sessions on
Stoneacres, but didn’t catch anything,
and hardly fished the lake on the trout


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