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Heritage is Important
complex at all. My little girl, Amy, was
born on July 26th, so I pretty much
didn’t fish again in 2005, as being a
father is a great job, and fishing was
put on the back burner for a while.
Being a cricket fan that summer was
pretty amazing with the Ashes as
well, so what a year it was for me! By
2006 my family life had got into a routine, and my wife was back at work
after maternity, and my fishing was
(is) now limited to an overnighter
once a fortnight. When I get my
weekend off every other week that is
(Top) 19lb 6oz. new swim, Ski Lake,
April 2005.
(Below) 23lb 14oz, Ski Lake, April 2005
obviously spent with the family, and
my day off in the week is now spent
looking after my daughter. I do fish
the night before this day off though.
As you can imagine, trying to fish the
kind of lakes that I like to target and
being successful with the time I had
was always going to be very difficult.
I couldn’t make up my mind whether
to drop the Stoneacres ticket for 2006,
as I just didn’t think I would be able to
do it justice. The ever-growing stock
of biggies in there was making it a
very difficult decision though. The
biggest fish in there was approaching
50lbs, and there were at least two
others around the mid-40’s, and a few
others over 40lbs as well! It is five
minutes from my front door, and the
temptation was just too much, so I
rejoined. I still had my syndicate
ticket for the no-publicity lake as well.
The lake on the trout fishing complex
had suffered from some serious flooding, and talking to the owner, I discovered a couple of carp had been found
dead since I had last fished it. It was
a shame, as I would have loved to
have caught that big sandy-coloured
carp, but who knows, she may still be
in there. The trouble was, the owner
told me that a large carp had been
seen in one of the trout lakes, and
these lakes were all one after the
flooding (and this was before the even
worse floods in the summer of 2007).
The other problem with this lake now
was that crayfish had got in during
the first floods so there were less carp
(possibly only one or two now!), loads
of crayfish, I could only fish nights,
and this was a day-only lake! I think
you can see that this water is now on
the back burner for me, but not forgotten about.
With my time restrictions, and the
two difficult waters I was fishing, my
worst fears were confirmed, as for the
first time in my carp fishing career, I
had a season’s blank on my main target waters. It was obvious I was
going to have to have a rethink on my
venues in the future. I needed a fairly
local venue to give me half a chance
of getting to after work in time to
have a look around before commencing fishing, and it also had to have
what I class as proper stock. Now we
are all different, and if someone is
happy to fish for pellet-fed fast growing stockies then that’s great, but it’s
not for me. I’m not saying my way is
best, but it’s what I like. I do get
angry, as I touched on earlier, when
heritage waters are stuffed full with
these fish though. The Linear site late
in 2006 still had a few waters that
interested me, with the type of carp I
was after, but unfortunately it also
had a couple of waters that just
weren’t for me. Oxlease (which has
since closed, although it may be open
again by the time you read this), and
Brasenose 1 were definitely not for
me, but if you like a bend in the rod,
these were definitely the lakes to get
on. Manor, where I used to love to
fish, had lost quite a few of its history
fish, and I’m afraid this has been
“stockied” as I call it. St Johns has the
right stock, but I’m afraid is just too
busy for me to consider it. This left


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