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Heritage is Important
Hardwick/Smiths, which has some
absolute stunners, and has the right
mix of not too many fish in there,
making it quite a tricky water, thus
keeping the numbers of anglers down
as well. Like all the Linear waters, I
believe it is pretty heavily fished at
weekends, but not over the top in the
week when I would be doing my
night. I had a word with Roy, and he
conformed that although it could get
busy, he didn’t think I would have too
many problems midweek.
My plans for 2007 were beginning
to take shape. I would spend spring
and autumn on Hardwick/Smiths, and
the summer on the no-publicity lake.
This would mean finally giving up my
Stoneacres ticket, but in the interests
of my fishing, I thought this would be
for the best. Before that though, I had
the winter of 2006/2007. Linear, being
quite a forward thinking company,
also had another water on site that
they had purposely stocked with
pretty carp, and not just fast-growing
pellet munchers. This water was
Brasenose 2, and had far more to offer
me than its sister lake next door. I had
a few half-day sessions on a Saturday
or Sunday morning during that winter, and caught a few nice ones. Hardwick/Smiths doesn’t have the numbers of big carp like St Johns has,
which is probably another reason it
doesn’t suffer the angling pressure
problems that St Johns suffers from.
In spring 2007, I had a few nights on
Hardwick/Smiths and caught some
nice ones up to upper-20’s, which
was a beautiful dark near-linear that
looked like a woodcarving. I moved
onto the no-publicity water that summer for my overnighters, which
proved more difficult because it’s not
close to my home. I caught plenty of
bream, but no carp. As I mentioned
earlier, my area suffered some serious
flooding that summer, and I’m afraid
H a r d w i c k / S m i t h s w a s a f f e c t e d,
although I still don’t know to what
So that brings us full circle and I’m
once again in limbo! It’s been a great
ride, but I still haven’t found a real
home since Yateley and Elstow 2,
somewhere I felt completely at home
on. This year (2008), I may have a dabble on Hardwick/Smiths again,
although I’m afraid since the flooding
even this, the jewel in Linear Oxford’s
crown, has been “stockied”. I’m also
very interested in a return to the Ski
Lake. I still have my ticket for the nopublicity lake, so I won’t be giving
that one up yet, although with the
time restrictions that I have, I only get
a small window of opportunity each
summer when the days are long
enough to get to the lake in time after
work. I even had a dabble this winter
(2007/2008) on the Oxford Canal, but I
just didn’t enjoy it. The river Thames
close to where I live is another longterm target. I guess whatever we all
do it for, the main reason, and the reason we all start, is enjoyment. That’s
what got me started, as detailed at
the start of this article, and I hope
that’s what started it for all you reading this, so whatever you do don’t forget, enjoy it.
Be lucky, Paul. n
(Top) 20lb 7oz Hardwick, 7.6.07.
(Right) 27lb 4oz Smiths, 15.6.07.


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