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Spring Viraemia of Carp (SVC)
Spring viraemia of carp (SVC) is a viral
disease of carp and many other
coarse fish species. The disease
causes up to 100% mortality and
affects fish of all ages.
Outbreaks have resulted in significant economic losses in fisheries
across England and Wales. SVC
affects common carp (including all
variants, such as mirror, leather and
koi carp), grass carp, bighead carp,
silver carp, crucian carp, goldfish, orfe,
pike, tench and Wels catfish. Fish of
all ages are susceptible.
Outbreaks of SVC occur as water
temperatures rise above 5°C in the
spring. Maximum mortalities occur
between 10°C and 15°C. Mortalities
usually decrease at water temperatures over 17°C but may sometimes
occur up to 23°C.
Clinical signs vary but include
darkening of the skin, swollen eyes,
abdominal swelling (dropsy), pale
gills, trailing faecal casts and protrusion of the anus.
Infected fish may be lethargic,
show loss of balance and display
areas of bleeding on the gills, skin and
internal organs. It is important to note
one or more signs may be absent at
any stage of the outbreak, especially
during the earliest and very late
Under the Aquatic Animal Health
(England and Wales) Regulations
2009, it is a legal obligation to report
suspicion of SVC in any farmed or
wild fish to the Fish Health Inspectorate immediately. It is an offence
under the regulation to fail to inform
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