FREE LINE 03 - Page 134

Springing into the Valley
The kettle was fired up, and a welcome radiant heat took the edge off
the cold, and the hot coffee seemed to
liven me up from within, which made
packing up slightly more bearable.
The rods were still out, and with all
the incidentals safely on the barrow, I
sat there willing the buzzers to go off,
but alas the sound of silence was the
only song they were singing. The rods
were on the deck as the buzzers and
bars received a wipe down, and then
the relentless clicking of the baitrunner signalled a fast take on the right
hand rod.
As soon as I picked up the rod, it
went into full battle curve as a power-
ful, as yet unseen behemoth was
making every effort to rid itself of the
hook, which, thus far, was maintaining a solid hold. With my 2.75lb Fatboyslim being tested to the limit, I
appeared to be gaining the upper
hand in this protracted battle. The
relentless adversary finally surfaced
about 10yds from me, and it its deep
flank and impressive width across its
shoulders indicated to me that I had a
low- to mid-30 common on the
endgame, and she was nearly mine.
The hookhold looked to be in the corner of the mouth, and I was babbling
to myself nervously when she got her
second wind and bolted with the
1. Nash Scopex Squid Liver reds,
awesome bait.
2. The lead arrangement with pop-up
tied on ready to cast under the trees.
3. Size 6 Nash Fang Uni hooks kept the
fish firmly attached.
4. A selection of my preferred surface
5. A trimmed down fake mixer armed
with a size 10 Nash fang Uni.
6. 1.5oz lead mounted on the Nash
Weed Safety clip, perfect for zig rigs in
pace of a newly hooked fish, rather
than that of a tired, battle worn warrior. She tore line from the clutch at a
frenzied rate, and reached the overhanging branches of the far margin


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