FREE LINE 03 - Page 135

Springing into the Valley
where she ploughed relentlessly
through all the arboreal debris below
the surface until she reached the cut
through to the Back Bay and all went
solid. Just quite how a carp manages
1. The zig rig business end.
2. The perfect combination for a
surface assault.
3. One of the new stiff mono’s on test
from Nash, perfect for a Chod rig.
4. Muddy Waters Clinga Lites provide
ultra sensitive indication with Bullet
5. A 40lb mirror with some smaller
6. A rather large common leaving the
baited spot under the trees.
to rid itself of a hook and embed it in
a branch is one of the great mysteries
of carp fishing, but the fact of the matter was that she was lost!
I reeled in the two remaining rods,
and just had a quick nose in some
bushes to my left where one of the
bailiffs goes stalking. The bait I had
put in there had gone, and I could
make out some carp under the root
mass. I decided to get out my 6ft T1
Treestalker for half an hour to see if I
could tempt one of these margin feeders, and carefully lowered a broken
boilie hookbait with a tiny bag of
boilie bits and micro pellet, in the
cleaned area where they seemed to
come in and out. I had 20lb Bullet
Braid on this 2.75lb rod, and it was
going to be fast and furious if I got a
take. I didn't have to wait long as the
flank of a fish flashed a nanosecond
before the rod bent round in my hand
and all hell broke loose under the
trees. The rod bucked and kicked as I
held fast and scooped my prize from
danger, safely ensconced within the
confines of the net. It wasn't a monster at just under 20lb, but it made up
for the earlier loss, and it turned an
opportunity into capture. I went home
content to have caught my first carp
from the venue on my first trip.
Over the course of the next couple


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