FREE LINE 03 - Page 138

Springing into the Valley
was seemingly on the presses every
time a few chunks were slipping up.
But that’s the joys of life for you, and
the fact that I work long and unsociable hours, as well as trying to juggle
family life and fishing, means that I
am inevitably going to miss out at
times, but hey, it is ONLY fishing after
all, and contrary to a lot of anglers’
beliefs, there are more important
things in life! I managed to get back
to the lake on several days when the
conditions for surface fishing looked
bang on the money for a bite, and
having seen a lot of the venue’s larger
residents at close quarters, my inter-
est and intent just escalated to fever
pitch as I now really wanted to catch
one off the top above anything else.
Unfortunately, due to the depleted
fish stocks round our coastline, we
now encounter the white vultures a
long way inland, and they have found
a ready food source in all things man
made. These blasted gulls and terns
are as happy picking through the
debris of a landfill site as they are eating your mixers, but whereas the former doesn’t cause you any grief,
when these squawking marauders
are found to be on your venue, then
putting out freebies in the form of
1. One of the big mirrors over the
baited area.
2. The baited spot under the tree
3. This is the selection of carpy treats
they were getting.
4. Does my bum look big in this?
Checking out the spot before rebaiting.
5. Weigh hook attachment on the end
of my baiting pole for rig or lead
6. The pole in operation, bring in the
rig for a re-bait.
floating baits has pretty much
become an invitation to dinner for
them, and the carp just don’t get a
look in. Persevere as I might, hour
after hour, walking the banks of the


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