FREE LINE 03 - Page 139

Springing into the Valley
(Right) 27lb 9oz common.
(Below) 30lb 2oz mirror, part of the
venue chasing my quarry, I just couldn’t get these guileful carp to get interested in a mixer or two. I could appreciate their extreme caution if they had
been hammered on them already, but
the feedback I was getting from the
members was that they have always
being ultra wary of a floating bait for
no apparent reason. This was
extremely frustrating for me, and I
was retiring to the swim in preparation for the night’s baiting scenario,
absolutely mentally vexed and sunburned to the max, having been at the
mercy of the sun in pursuit of these
whackers. The nights were bringing a
lot of tench from my swims, no matter
where I seemed to be plotting up, but
at least the rigs were working, so my
confidence remained elevated. One
morning, I woke at around 4 am; the
wind had swung round dramatically
in the night, and was now pumping
into a sheltered corner of the lake. As
the dawn finally came, and the azure
blue of the sky intensified under the
heat of the sun, I decided to walk
round to this corner to have a look for
some carp.
The sight that greeted me was one
of amazement as I watched the vast
majority of the lake’s residents just
casually frolicking in the morning
sun, and without a gull in sight, I
managed to introduce a few freebies
to the grey shapes that littered this
quiet corner. I watched patiently as
t h e e v e r- i n c r e a s i n g n u m b e r o f
weighty adversaries threw caution to
the wind and began tentatively taking
a few of the mixers from the slack
water out of the ripples. I knew that
this was a good omen, and that I had
been given a window of opportunity
to potentially bank my first surface
caught carp of the year. Not being
one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I
made a double time march back to
my swim to gather up my floater rod


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