FREE LINE 03 - Page 143

Springing into the Valley
do the business with the camera. We
hoisted her aloft, and on the scales
she pulled the needle round to 29lb
2oz. Although not quite 30, she was a
lovely looking specimen, and in the
brightness of the sun, she looked
awesome. I certainly wasn’t complaining, and Wes did a sterling job
with the camera in some tricky light
I decided to move camp round to
this swim after a few more hours of
surface fishing because the margin to
my right was a definite avenue of
travel for the carpy inhabitants, and it
provided me a good opportunity to
set a trap for them under the hours of
1. Out she goes to the spot, stealth and cunning, two can play that game!
2. A gentle tip and the spoon deposits its contents right on the money.
3. The cast is to the hole in the canopy to the left of the reeds - note both nets at the
4. The swim was fringed with these beautiful yellow irises.
5. The cheeky little mouse munching on a caster.
6. The mouse clambering up my rod after nearly drowning!
darkness. It also gave me the opportunity of getting a really good presentation, as the weed did not penetrate
the canopy of overhanging branches.
With the sun’s trajectory getting
lower in the sky, and the onset of
evening, I got two rods in prime spots
along the margin and launched the
third out on a chod rig using some
new stiff mono material on test from
Nash Tackle, to an area that appeared
a trifle less congested with weed than
the rest. The choddy was baited with
a Scopex Squid Red 15mm pop-up,
glugged to the max in the boilie dip,
and this had proved successful on
here already, so I was confident on
that rod. The two margin rods were
fished with my new peach flavoured
bait; one was fished with a segment


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