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Springing into the Valley
to move the baited rig to a different
position, slightly further under the
canopy, and in slightly deeper water,
something the baiting pole was far
superior at than a bait boat. All the
baits were in position for the duration
by midday; I was really happy with
them, and to improve matters, the
cloud seemed to be thinning out and
the occasional ray of sunshine penetrated the grey gloom, which I hoped
may get the carp visiting the area
again. From my swim, I could make
out some shapes over the clean
gravel, and my confidence was
boosted once more as I knew the fish
were in the vicinity of the bait.
M y p a l s Wa d y a n d t h e G r e e k
returned from their pub lunch, and the
usual barrage of abuse was
exchanged in jest as the right hand
rod tore off! Wady does love a windup, and he said it was a tench, and to
be honest, I had my doubts as to it
being a carp because it was a strange
fight initially. Things soon changed on
that front as it suddenly went into
wild carp mode and decided I needed
to work a bit harder for my prize with
some surging runs out into the open
water, and some extreme kiting into
my left margin. There was nothing for
it but to hang on, get a good curve in
my carp stick, and let the braid take
the strain in this clash of two big’uns!
I was close to netting it when the
middle rod was bleeping rather erratically, with the Greek muttering some
more old tosh about a tench. I asked
him just when he was going to hit the
bloody thing, and he ambled to the
rod and pulled into another lump,
which weeded itself solid. Wady netted the first mirror, was suitably
impressed, and I took over the other
rod, with the comedy act doing a right
routine on me between them whilst I
was leaning into it in order to get it
out of the weed. The rod was defying
physics as it took on an astonishing
curve, but coupled with the braid and
a solid hookhold, the unseen carp
began to move, along with a shopping
trolley sized weedbed! Once it had
some room to move, it tore off under
its own steam in order to escape, and
there were a couple of times I felt this
was on the cards, but my nerve held,
and more importantly, so did the
hookhold, and I guided her into the
waiting net along with the other one!
Now I know what you are thinking,
“Why didn’t you use your second
net?” Well the simple answer was, I
forgot to set it up! Both of these
whackers looked mighty impressive
in the net together; Wady thought the
first one might go 40, and I was
absolutely jumping for joy at my first
proper brace of 30lb-plus carp in the
net at the same time. We carefully
supported both carp whilst they were
transferred to the Carp Corral, and the
smaller of the two was sacked whilst
we weighed the bigger one and did
the pictures. The bigger one went
35lb 4oz, and the smaller one went
30lb 2oz, and to say I was happy as a
pig in s**t was an understatement.
The Greek had challenged me to a little competition, but this capture just
sealed the deal on that one, and he
was gracious in defeat. Nice one, lads;
I couldn’t have done it without your
help. It is the rare times like that
when you are glad to have some
experienced big fish anglers on hand
to make the whole process as stress
free for the fish… and me, so my sincerest thanks to you both! That night,
I managed another two fish from the
spot, a 27lb 9oz common and a middouble mirror, and they were to be my
last fish from the venue as work took
me up to the end of the permit week,
and my Gold Card was valid from the
Saturday onwards.
Apart from the lake fishing poorly
at the beginning, overall I liked my
time on there, and met some great
blokes like Wady, Ben Owen, The Hofgartners, Tom, Wes, Scott, and Ginger
Ben. This always makes the fishing
more pleasant, when you have got
some good company, and as a spring
permit, it was reasonably productive
with 18 fish in eight weeks of fishing.
By the time you read this, I will have
been fishing some of the most desirable syndicates on the CEMEX portfolio, and hopefully a few months
down the line I will be able to have
some fishing tales and captures to tell
you about, along with the intricacies
of how I caught them.
It is always a pleasure to write in
Big Carp; I would like to thank Rob for
giving me the opportunity, and I hope
that you have enjoyed my literary
ramblings over the past 14 months. In
the meantime, may some of your targets be met, and your dreams remain
unfulfilled, for it is those dreams and
longings that keep the fires of passion
burning within us – without those
dreams of an elusive leviathan, we
just wouldn’t go fishing. When each
milestone is reached in your angling
journey, then you can be proud and
say, “Veni, Vidi, Vici” (I came, I saw, I
conquered), for as we all know, effort
equals reward. If you improvise and
adapt, you will overcome a blank, and
turn an opportunity into a fish, perhaps a fish of a lifetime.
So until next time, be lucky in your
pursuits… n
24lb 6oz mirror.


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