FREE LINE 03 - Page 154

Flitting Around
initely feeding on these areas and
keeping them clean. It had a bit of
history of doing the one I wanted as
well, so a new plan was hatched. I
would use a new bait from Dynamite
that I had been eager to try, as my
mate Frank Warwick had designed a
new bait that sounded really exciting,
having some very interesting ingredients in it. He had used a very high
quality tuna meal, and it also contained sweet chilli, which when
tasted gave a distinctive kick to the
bait. It really was something totally
different to anything that had been
used on the venue before, so I would
be putting this bait to the test. I was
going to use minimum bait, letting
the quality ingredients draw the fish
onto the spots for me, which was dif-
ferent to the mass baiting of an area
that so many were doing at the time –
well, that was the plan anyway.
Over the next month, May, I managed to winkle out quite a few from
those little spots, but alas not the one
I wanted. June was soon to be upon
us, and I was off to Horton again to try
my luck for the mighty Shoulders.
Just before I left, in fact on my last trip
before Horton, I managed to catch an
old friend. I’m not really into repeat
captures, and this fish doesn’t normally like it up that end of the lake, so
I was surprised to see Stella staring
up at me again at a weight of 46lb
12oz. It was from one of those little
spots I mentioned, and more importantly on the new bait as well. In the
meantime my friend who was plugging away opposite in the 18 swim
managed to land the prize I was after
at just over 40lb, so it was definitely
time to go to Horton before I got
lynched for catching Stella again,
which was a lot of anglers’ target on
the water at the time after the big girl.
(Top) A pretty mid-30 mirror.
(Left) Slipping back another zigcaught fish.


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