FREE LINE 03 - Page 156

Flitting Around
(Left) It’s surprising how close they
will come in.
(Below) An old friend.
So off to Horton I went, leaving the
Manor until my possible return in the
late autumn to try and finally bag
what I want from there, or maybe I
might just leave it alone for few seasons. It’s always nice to be able to
come back to a lake to catch a fish
you want isn’t it? You can get caught
up trying to catch that one fish too
much and miss out on pastures new,
so it can be better to leave it for a
while and come back to it later.
Horton bound… I had gone down
for the draw, but I think as always I
managed to come out last or near
enough, so I wouldn’t be down for the
first few nights, instead waiting ‘til
after the weekend as there would be
some opportunities to get into some
of the better areas. I was gagging to
give the new bait a go as well on a
slightly more difficult venue. I arrived
on the Sunday, and it was still quite
busy, but a friend of mine was in a
favourite swim of mine for this time of
year – Captors. It had a history of
doing Shoulders early on, and as luck
would have it he was going in a couple of days, so I slipped into a swim
called The Boards for a couple of
nights, not really expecting to catch
anything. In the end my friend went a
day early, so I had four nights in Captors to try and winkle one out. I man-
aged to get all sorted by midday, and
cast my baits out to a nice little hump
that is renowned for doing a few fish
throughout the season, and where
most the lake’s inhabitants have been
caught over the years at one time or
another. So out went the new bait to
the spots, and a couple of single
20mms soon followed this out, which
landed with reassuring donks just
behind the hump. The hump is
around 15ft deep with 20-plus feet all
around, and it’s also bang in the centre of the lake, and on a patrol route
for any fish moving to either end of
the lake, to one of the bays, or to the
plateau area, so it’s a very good interception point, as no matter where the
fish are held up, they usually go over
this spot.
My mate Deaks had had a couple of
cups of tea with me, wished me luck
for the next few nights, and said he’d
see me soon. He couldn’t have been
out of the car park and on the M1
before the right hand rod banged
down into the back lead and made
the Neville scream out in that tone we
all like to hear. It was a really good


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