FREE LINE 03 - Page 157

Flitting Around
(Left) The view from Captors.
(Below) The Virginian.
fight, and actually took out the guy
next door – ‘Longcast’ we call him, as
he has a tendency to cast long,
nowhere near where he should be
fishing, and usually where you are
fishing, bless him! So we managed to
untangle the mess, and all credit to
Longcast, he opened his bail arms
and let me play the fish without any
hindrance. We got her in and weighed
her up at 38lb 8oz. I was off the mark,
happy days, and it was a fish I
remember photographing for Darrell
Peck a good few years ago in the winter when from memory she was 33 or
34-something, I can’t quite remember,
but she had grown a bit, which is
always nice. It was a fish called The
Virginian – god knows why she’s
called that but she is. I had my photo
taken with her, and got the rods back
out hoping for another one.
Well I sat there for the next four
days and nights and twiddled my
thumbs, but just as I was about to reel
in the rods, when they were actually
lying on the floor with everything else
packed away, the left hand rod tore off
and I was in. Don’t you just love it
when that happens? Rods on the
floor, one last look at them before you
have to reel the last one in, and it
tears off! I got her in after a good fight,
and immediately recognised this fish
as Black Tail, an old original, and a
real special fish, one that I was really
after. I remember Dave Ball catching
that fish, seeing the shot in one of the
mags, and it just blew me away. So
that was a special capture, and she
went 37lb 10oz, so I was well pleased,
I must say. So that was that, and I
went home a happy bunny indeed.
I’ve had a few trips over to Fox Pool,
and that really is a special place, really
nice and quiet, with lovely fish, and a
lot of history as well. Some of the fish
in Horton came from here originally,
and the fish in here now are going
from strength to strength, but I’d bet-


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