FREE LINE 03 - Page 158

Flitting Around
(Above) Black Tail, an old Horton
(Below left) Fox – bow beautiful is
(Below right) Fox – they’re not shy on
ter not say too much more, or the syndicate will hate me! On one of my
trips to Fox, I stopped in on the Road
Lake, as I’d never had a walk round
the place, let alone fished it, and I was
going to have a little dabble now and
then in between Horton and Fox. A
friend of mine was over there, Kodak,
who some of you may know, as he’s
done a bit in the mag. I thought I’d
pop over and have a couple of cups of
tea and try and get the gen on the
place. Whilst I was sitting there the
area in front of Kodak was alive with
fizzing, and I mean real Jacuzzi fizzing
in the silt; I’d never seen anything like
I can tell you. I knew I’d have to have
a go over there and have a quick walk
round, and decided to come back a
few days later.
I turned up on a Saturday, and was
surprised to see the No2 swim free
where Kodak had been. I had a walk
round, but couldn’t see anything that
made me want to settle anywhere, so
I did the next best thing and went in
where Kodak had been, where I had
seen the fish fizzing up. A couple of
hours later when I had finally found a
couple of hard spots and deposited a
couple of pouchfuls of the Spicy Tuna
and Sweet Chilli bait that I was totally
confident in now, I settled down to
take in the lake. It really is a nice intimate lake, the Road Lake, weedy, with
bars and silt patches, lilies and all
sorts. I awoke in the morning around
5am as I had been told they start
showing themselves really early over
there, and I started seeing the odd fizz
getting nearer to my areas, and then
suddenly a fish cleared the water in
between my two spots. I could have
sworn it was a fish known as Orange
Spot, a real cracker of around 36lbplus, definitely one on the list I can tell
you. The fizzing went on for ages, and
I was biting my nails and passing up
and down the swim until finally they
got over the top of my left hand spot
and the bobbin lifted up and it started
taking line. I was in a right mess as I
lifted the rod; I hadn’t realised how


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