FREE LINE 03 - Page 160

Flitting Around
scaly, and Mick said that it was the
Big Fully Scaled. I didn’t really care
what it was; it was my first out of the
Road Lake, and I was dead chuffed.
We weighed her up at 29lb, and managed to get some good shots from
John. I must say a big thank-you to
John and Mick, who rushed round
when they saw the size of the ball of
weed, and I just wouldn't have been
able to land that fish without their
help, so thanks fellas. Well, that’s
about it up to date really; I’m flitting
around between Fox, Horton the Road
Lake, and I even had a night on the
Car Park Lake. Now there’s a nice
lake, with some proper fish in it, and I
think I’ll be doing a bit on there this
autumn, trying to catch one of those
elusive fish. n
(Above) Road Lake – Swim 2.
(Right) Youv’e got to teach them
(Below) The Big Fully – stunning.
much the weed moved about in there,
and I was playing a ball of weed
between me and the fish. I managed
to shake that off without shaking off
the fish, but then the fish weeded
itself, and I just thought I’ve got to
keep this fish moving towards me and
the net. By this time Mick the bailiff
and John Elmer had appeared by my
side to help, and we finally got her in
the net with me walking backwards
and John and Mick scooping up the
biggest ball of weed I have ever seen.
I wasn’t even sure we had a fish in the
net until we peeled it away and could
see an old warrior mirror. It was very


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