FREE LINE 03 - Page 164

In Search of Monster Carp
(Right) First 30.
(Below) The Chunk.
colour of the water, but then in the
next second I got a better look at it, so
I knew it was a carp, and not a bad
one at that. Anyway, Burns netted it,
we lifted it to shore, and I just couldn’t
believe what I was looking at. We
both looked at each other, and it just
blew us away; it was by far the
biggest carp I had ever seen. We got it
up on the scales and it weighed 40lb
4oz – this was June 16th 1983! It was
an incredible occasion, but what
made it extra incredible is that we
didn’t really know what the lake contained. You don’t think that you are
going to go to a lake first time and
catch the biggest carp in there. I had,
but I didn’t know it at the time. Anyway, we photographed the fish,
returned it to the lake, and once
everyone had gone back to their
swims, Burns and I just sat there and
said, “Crikey, what else could be in
here? There could be 50lb’ers out
there.” It was so exciting; we were
fishing for the unknown, and we
d i d n ’t r e a l l y m i x w i t h t h e l o c a l
anglers. I don’t know if they had the
hump with us a bit because we came
from Kent. I think they probably did
have the hump, because we were


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