FREE LINE 03 - Page 166

In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Savay on a day ticket.
(Below) Sutton’s Heart Tail Gertie –
first capture.
catching She, but despite the fact that
it was still fairly early days of the hair
rig, and we had a good quality bait,
the winter fishing there was really
slow. The difference between that
winter and the previous winter was
that the lake had been ever so weedy
in the summer. I think for some reason the weed put a damper on the
winter fishing, whereas when we
fished it before, there was no weed
and it was really good fishing. Anyway, we did the winter on there, and I
think we caught a couple of fish, but
nothing to write home about. At the
end of the season, Paul Forward did
the best; I think he on the last day he
caught She, as well as the then second biggest fish in the lake. So, back
on the Colne Valley lake, and unfortunately this was about the time I
received a three-month ban. I don’t
know if you remember Rob; you wrote
your book Tiger Bay, and we gave the
lake a completely fictitious name for
the purposes of the book, because the
club had a no-publicity rule, but anyway as a result of my article, I got
banned for three months, so did Martin Locke, and I think you got banned
for life… yes you did! It seems crazy
afterwards, because we hadn’t actually named the lake, so if you took it to
a solicitor, the club wouldn’t have a
leg to stand on. Anyway, because I
was banned I didn’t manage to get up
there much, but when I did eventually
g e t d o w n t h e r e i n S e p t e m b e r, I
caught a fish on the first visit. Then I
think I had a blank the next session,
and then I caught another fish on the
session after that; I think they were
both 28lb’ers. The next time I fished it
I caught a 28lb’er and when I got
home that night, I can always remember you ringing me up, as by this time
I think I had met you via the CAA. I
think you were struggling a bit, and I
can always remember the conversation we had… I said, “All I’d do Rob, is
fish the spots where it’s smooth; it’s
almost like pulling crossing a billiard
board.” I think you misheard me,
thinking I’d said ‘billiard ball’ and the
rest is history, as from then on, you
absolutely took the place apart, fishing on the billiard balls, not the billiard board. I often laugh about it,
because obviously there was a little
bit of secrecy and all that, but I
always remember the conversation
we had, and the mix up of our conversation. Then you told me your reasoning for fishing on the bars, and it suddenly made a lot more sense. Another
contributing factor I didn’t realise at
the time was that you had probably
got your bait going as well, getting
bait in there most days, so obviously
the fish were on the lookout for your
baits. As for us, fishing it once a week,
we didn’t stand much of a chance


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