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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) 23lb cod off of the beach.
(Below) DDAPS Sutton torpedo.
92% protein, or something like that –
a really good mix, predominantly
made up of the Dutch casein. Then all
of a sudden, we got to the stage
where we were getting a little bit too
busy. No longer was this a way of
making a little bit of pocket money;
we had people ringing us up all times
of day and night wanting bait. This
was before Nutrabaits; I think Nutrabaits was the first bait firm to specialise in high protein baits – it was
the first real big company. Anyway, it
got to the stage where Alan and I
were contemplating maybe having to
pack up work and concentrate on it
full time. But because we both had
kids and families, and both had fairly
secure well paid jobs, it wasn’t really
a chance we were prepared to take.
Well, luckily, or unluckily as you may
have it, the Dutch casein suddenly
became unavailable. The milk companies brought in these milk quotas, and
in the case of Holland, because most
of their business was in caseinate,
they decided to completely stop
doing casein, and just concentrate on
doing caseinate, so from that point we
were a little bit snookered anyway. So
we had to pack up the bait company
because we couldn’t find an alternative that was anything like as good as
what we had been using. I always
remember Alan and I speaking about
what bait we would move onto that if
the bait company folded, and I said to
him that I would probably move onto
bird foods and things like that. Alan
said he would probably move onto
pet foods and things like that, and
anyway, unbeknown to me, he moved
onto using the ground up Go-Cat, a
real simple bait. I think his bait was
8oz of mackerel and herring flavoured
Go-Cat, and 2oz of calcium caseinate.
Well what a phenomenal bait – it was
absolutely devastating!
I suppose when you think about it
really, a lot of these pet foods are formulated by experts; they’re not formulated by the guesswork of a few
carp anglers on a budget. The fact is if
a cat didn’t eat a perfectly balanced
diet, then it would die. So Alan started
using this bait, and he absolutely took
the place apart. That was actually


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