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The Mini Bait Boat
Leisure Bait Boats presents:
Not only is it light, easy to use, fast
and reliable, but it is also unsinkable
New to the UK market, this innovative piece of kit is ideal for those who can’t afford the bigger boats and for
those who want to just get their bait out there with no fuss, no setting up, and no lugging around.
The mini bait boat, designed for your convenience, simple to use and reliable.
There is nothing else on the market to match this new design. A weight of 2.5kg makes it easy to
transport, no setting up, fitting batteries or aerials. Just simply take it out of the bag, put your bait in
the hopper, which holds around half a kilo of bait, and away you go.
This boat is perfect for those smaller venues and for getting into those hard to reach places your bigger boats
can’t. No noise, no water disturbance so less chance of disturbing those big carp you’re looking for.
Other designs also available
come complete with a fish
finder, so even if you are using
your larger bait boat, the mini
can search the lake for fish and
snags at twice the speed of
your normal boat, saving your
big boats battery life.
There are two choices – Mini 1A and the
Mini 2A. Both models can be purchased
with a fitted fish finder, which works
directly to your phone through our app.
1A £124. 1B £224.
2A £146. 2B £230.
A is standard. B with fish finder.
Both come
with FREE carry
and delivery!
If you wish to purchase one or require further information please contact:
Check out our short videos on the Big Carp Magazine Facebook page.


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